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wright bros feature

Wright Proud: The Wright Brothers’ Legacy in N.C.

How 2 men, 12 seconds, and 1 monument changed North Carolina forever.

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firework feature

An Illuminating Personality: Pyrotechnician Jeff Hale

With a playful love of fireworks and a meticulous process, pyrotechnician Jeff Hale creates magic in the sky with his dazzling displays.
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night sky feature

Carolina Skies: Stargazing at the Cline Observatory

For astronomy experts and enthusiasts, exploring our state means more than looking around — it means looking up.
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so bell feature image

Party on the Line

Telephone operators once helped connect folks across the state before “If you’d like to make a call … ” became standard.
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To the Moon, from Chapel Hill

Nearly every U.S. astronaut until 1975 — yes, including Neil, Buzz, John, and Alan — trained at Morehead Planetarium. That’s where they learned to navigate outer space.

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The Father of Vicks

We know it for its smell. We know it for its healing powers. Vicks VapoRub has been a household staple for a century, but the man who made it famous is still a mystery.
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“These animals survived. Mine can, too.”

It’s not the transplants and artificial legs offered at the world-renowned vet school in Raleigh that give most pet owners hope for a miracle or cure – it’s the portraits of the survivors that line the walls.
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The Oyster Way

It’s sometimes raw and sometimes steamed and sometimes fried. It never moves. But it always works. And we should be kinder to it. The oyster is good to us.
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King of Trash: Carl Walker

Manteo’s Carl Walker wants everybody to bring him their trash. Because he knows that most of it is not really trash — it’s just ready to become the next thing.
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textiles to technology

Textiles to Technology

A scientific facility unlike anything else in the world, the North Carolina Research Campus in Kannapolis masterminds a new future for the former mill town.
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