Carl Goerch

Carl Goerch was the founder of The State magazine, which later became Our State magazine.

North Carolina New Year

The strange and spectacular traditions that help us celebrate.

Marching Down Main

Holiday-decorated boats and floats, jovial Scout troops and high school bands parade through North Carolina towns throughout December. Answer...

Pivotal Past

Through the centuries, many historic events dictated North Carolina's future.

Nobel North Carolina

Started in 1901, Nobel Prizes recognize superlative efforts in everything from literature to medicine.

Town & Community

Throughout the centuries, North Carolinians have come up with some colorful names for our state’s thousands of communities, towns,...

North Carolina Foods

North Carolina is blessed with an astonishing variety of foods that can be prepared any number of ways.


With more than 80,000 miles of highway, we often find ourselves at a crossroad.

Beach Music

Beach music has kept Carolinians dancing for decades.