Beach Music

Beach music has kept Carolinians dancing for decades.

Historic Churches

Religious freedom was one reason folks first flocked to North Carolina from England and Europe.


North Carolina has hundreds of waterfalls of all sizes.

North Carolina General Stores

North Carolina's country and general stores have provided provisions as well as a place for generations of Tar Heels...

Tar Heel Troops

Since the Boy Scouts of America began in 1910, North Carolinians have participated in all aspects of the organization....

Coastal Carolina Piers

Against the wind and churning surf, North Carolina's ocean piers stand proudly.

Carolina Courts

With distinguished architecture and prominent placement in our towns, courthouses symbolize our state's commitment to justice.

World War II

In the early 1940s, many North Carolina citizens left their home state to fight for their home country on...

Coastal Pirates

When pirates sailed onto our shores, we didn't know their kind. They pillaged for treasures and left as legends.