Quiz: Which holiday decoration are you?

With every holiday decoration comes a backstory and a personality. Take this quiz to discover which holiday decoration is as goofy, thoughtful, or dependable as you are.
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Hatteras Ferry

Tar Heel Ferries

Riding a coastal ferry isn’t just a way to get around, it’s a good time, too. Tar Heel Ferries

Our State 80th Anniversary

Our State Through the Years

As Our State celebrates 80 years, see how much you know about Our State and its history in this special anniversary quiz.
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Carolina Seashells

These treasures are scattered on our shores, hiding in plain sight.
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North Carolina Lighthouse Map & Quiz

Wander your way along the coast and learn more about each of our lighthouses. Then, test your knowledge in our interactive quiz!

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NC Balloon Fest

Carolina Festivals

From hot-air balloons to caterpillar races, our festivals may be a little quirky, but they’re a whole lot of fun.
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North Carolina Dams

Cornerstones of infrastructure, dams guard our most important resource — water.
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Carl Goerch The State

Carl Goerch

Carl Goerch was the founder of The State magazine, which later became Our State magazine.
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Raleigh Fayetteville Street

North Carolina New Year

The strange and spectacular traditions that help us celebrate.
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North Carolina Women

North Carolina Women

They are leaders, educators, and occasional rebels who, in their will and compassion, shape the state.
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candy canes

Marching Down Main

Holiday-decorated boats and floats, jovial Scout troops and high school bands parade through North Carolina towns throughout December. Answer these questions about places across the state known for their Christmas celebrations; then visit some of these towns to watch and
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