Quiz: Carolina Valentines

Countless dynamic duos have put love to the test on Tar Heel soil. Now love gets its chance to...

Prized Possessions

Don’t ask us to choose just one. Each of these North Carolina objects and artifacts contributes special significance to...

Quiz: Carolina Scribes

Cold weather, warm house: Now’s the time to curl up with a good book. Preferably one by a North...

Quiz: Which holiday decoration are you?

With every holiday decoration comes a backstory and a personality. Take this quiz to discover which holiday decoration is...

State Strongholds

Through the years, through the wars, these forts have shaped North Carolina's history.

Myths, Legends, and Folklore

Readers beware: demon dogs and maritime mysteries ahead.

Canvas and Clay

Fine art finds a welcoming home in our state.

Gems, Rocks, and Minerals

Unearth the answers to this month’s quiz on North Carolina’s geologic resources — pickax optional.

Cheers to Our Beverages

Milk, Cheerwine, sweet tea. Let's raise a toast to the drinks of Carolina, the beverages that pair perfectly with...

North Carolina Farmers Markets Quiz

Summer brings tomatoes, peaches, and other produce that tastes best when it comes straight from a farm.

License Plates Quiz

Take this quiz to learn about the history of our North Carolina license plate, then see how many of...

Find Your Perfect North Carolina Beach

Which North Carolina beach was made for you? Before packing your swimsuit, take our quiz presented by Crabtree Valley...

Public Gardens Quiz

This spring, pack a picnic basket and visit one of the not-so-secret gardens across our state.

How Well Do You Know N.C. Architecture?

North Carolina designers know that a building can be more than four walls and a roof.

Biscuit Break

Bake one or buy one: Just get yourself a biscuit, then take this quiz.

Appalachian Trail

Across peaks and through valleys, this trail guides hikers step by step.

Baseball Season

Test your knowledge of the game's history in the Tar Heel state.

Tar Heel Ferries

Riding a coastal ferry isn’t just a way to get around, it’s a good time, too. Tar Heel Ferries

Our State Through the Years

As Our State celebrates 80 years, see how much you know about Our State and its history in this...

Carolina Seashells

These treasures are scattered on our shores, hiding in plain sight.

Carolina Festivals

From hot-air balloons to caterpillar races, our festivals may be a little quirky, but they’re a whole lot of...

North Carolina Dams

Cornerstones of infrastructure, dams guard our most important resource — water.

Carl Goerch

Carl Goerch was the founder of The State magazine, which later became Our State magazine.

North Carolina New Year

The strange and spectacular traditions that help us celebrate.

North Carolina Women

They are leaders, educators, and occasional rebels who, in their will and compassion, shape the state.

Marching Down Main

Holiday-decorated boats and floats, jovial Scout troops and high school bands parade through North Carolina towns throughout December. Answer...

Pivotal Past

Through the centuries, many historic events dictated North Carolina's future.

Nobel North Carolina

Started in 1901, Nobel Prizes recognize superlative efforts in everything from literature to medicine.

Town & Community

Throughout the centuries, North Carolinians have come up with some colorful names for our state’s thousands of communities, towns,...

North Carolina Foods

North Carolina is blessed with an astonishing variety of foods that can be prepared any number of ways.


With more than 80,000 miles of highway, we often find ourselves at a crossroad.

Beach Music

Beach music has kept Carolinians dancing for decades.

Historic Churches

Religious freedom was one reason folks first flocked to North Carolina from England and Europe.


North Carolina has hundreds of waterfalls of all sizes.

North Carolina General Stores

North Carolina's country and general stores have provided provisions as well as a place for generations of Tar Heels...

Tar Heel Troops

Since the Boy Scouts of America began in 1910, North Carolinians have participated in all aspects of the organization....

Coastal Carolina Piers

Against the wind and churning surf, North Carolina's ocean piers stand proudly.

Carolina Courts

With distinguished architecture and prominent placement in our towns, courthouses symbolize our state's commitment to justice.

World War II

In the early 1940s, many North Carolina citizens left their home state to fight for their home country on...

Coastal Pirates

When pirates sailed onto our shores, we didn't know their kind. They pillaged for treasures and left as legends.

North Carolina Songs

If your ears perk up at every mention of North Carolina in song, don't be ashamed. You're one of...

County Superlatives

From west to east, almost every North Carolina county has something to brag about.

North Carolina Agriculture

From this state's earliest days, the rhythm of planting and harvest has held the promise of plenty.

Early Explorers

Moved by the prospect of prosperity, Europeans sought out our shores.

North Carolina in Print

Local newspapers tell us what's happening around us. After more than 250 years, we wouldn't know what to do...

Carolina Courses

For nearly 120 years, golfers have honed their games in North Carolina and helped drive the state's economy.

The Great Depression

After a decade of roaring prosperity, North Carolinians summon their strength to face economic disaster.

Tar Heel Textiles

In the early 19th century, industry brought hands from the farm to the factory to spin, weave, and produce....

Homegrown Holiday

The Christmas tradition of trimming the tree often means more to North Carolinians because we claim these seasonal centerpieces...

Early Ancestors

Our American Indian past surrounds us, serving as a constant reminder of those who came first.

Celebrating Our Roots

The North Carolina State Fair brings citizens together in our capital every October. How much to do you know...

Artistic Ability

North Carolina offers beautiful inspiration for those with creative talents. From sprawling museums to personal studios, each collection showcases...

The North Carolina Zoo

Test your knowledge of one of the North Carolina's wildest points of interest – the North Carolina Zoo.

Mark the Spot

Travel the roads of any county in North Carolina, and you'll see the silver and black signs of the...

Follow the Crowd

Stadiums and arenas unite sports fans. People come by the thousands to tailgate in the parking lot, cheer against...

All Aboard

In the early 1800s, railroad tracks began crisscrossing North Carolina. Rumbling through the state, hauling heavy steel or lighthearted...

Carolina Stars

Many famous personalities in the entertainment industry hail from the Tar Heel state. Relive these celebrities' performances in this...

Over, Under, and Through

In the past, settlers seeking adventure traveled North Carolina's mountain gaps and passes in search of unclaimed territory. Today,...

Decisive Decade

The 1960s saw many landmark events throughout North Carolina and across the nation. Relive some of our state's significant...

Grinding out a History

Few gristmills still operate today, but those that remain bring interest to our landscape. See how well you know...