Blackbeard’s BBQ & C-Food

Those in search of tasty treasure can find it hidden in the heart of eastern North Carolina’s barbecue belt.
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Jug Tucker Band: Bluegrass at the Beach

Jug Tucker draws inspiration from both sides of our state.
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5 Things Every North Carolinian Should Do in September

From The Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra to the Carolina Mountains Literary Festival in Burnsville, read the 5 things to do in N.C. from our September 2013 issue.
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Deep family ties, a sense of community, and a strong agricultural history have helped this eastern North Carolina town retain its vibrancy, even amid hard times.
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Jennette’s Pier in Nags Head

Chris Crockett teaches people how to catch, clean, and cook at Jennette’s Pier every Tuesday from March through December.
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Traveling North Carolina’s Swamps

Swamps keep their secret wonders hidden well. Under their murky black water, behind impenetrable tangles of vines, and among towering cypress draped in curtains of Spanish moss, adventure lurks.
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This coastal plant is legend on one North Carolina island.
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Shearline Boatworks in Morehead City

A Morehead City business spends nearly a year making each custom-built boat that bears its brand.
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5 Things to Do in N.C. This August

5 Things Every North Carolinian Should Do in August

From “The Art of the Brick” LEGO art exhibit in Alamance to the 44th Snead’s Ferry Shrimp Festival, read the 5 things to do in N.C. this summer from our August 2013 issue.
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Some grits recipes are passed down for generations. Other flavorful preparations are created in the kitchens of innovative chefs. Then there are those newfound traditions born from curiosity and happenstance.
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