Murphy, North Carolina

The Town: Murphy

Although it is closer to the state capitals of five other states than it is to its own, the remote mountain town breathes with the trademark down-home kindness that makes it undeniably North Carolina.
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The Grape: Yadkin Valley

As the first vines began to grow in the Yadkin Valley, few people believed European wine grapes would make it in the clay loam of the foothills and Piedmont. A few pioneers took a chance, however, and a region’s farming heritage lives on.
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The Catch: Brook Trout

The Brook Trout is a homegrown Southerner. While humans transported other versions of trout to our waters, the brook has been here since the ice age, defying anglers, predators, and time.
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The Legend: Mountain Man Eustace Conway

In the serenity of the mountains, Eustace Conway found his place. Today, he welcomes others to his Turtle Island Preserve.
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The Road: U.S. Highway 64 West

To experience a land, and to experience life, travel along a route that follows the natural tendencies, a route that winds around, rises up, and flattens out again.
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The Farm: Apple Brandy Beef

On the hills of Wilkes County, herds of cattle follow Henry Church’s call. In turn, the Church family follows the call of the land, leading the cattle to parkway pastures.
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Blue Ridge Parkway Road to Discovery

Blue Ridge Parkway: Road to Discovery

This lovely book is an inspiration for readers to embark on their own journeys of discovery along America’s best-loved road: the Blue Ridge Parkway.
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Flat Rock

With the State Theatre of North Carolina at the center of town and trails and overlooks surrounding it, a village in the mountains produces peace and, for people like the author, connections that last a lifetime.
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Jimmy Mac’s

A menu with 20 different burgers is reason enough to stop by the popular Bryson City restaurant. The family feel is another.
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becoming odyssa

Becoming Odyssa by Jennifer Pharr Davis

By turns serious and humorous, Becoming Odyssa earns its place on the shelf of first-person Appalachian Trail thru-hiker accounts.
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