Screen Doors

Screen Doors

Its mission may seem simple — keep out bugs and let in breeze — but on a sultry summer day, a screen door is sublime. Comprising little more than wire mesh, a wooden frame, and a handful of hardware, it creates a barrier and an invitation, and an unmistakable sound that defines summer.
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Appalachian Landscape Roan Mountain Highlands Rhododendron Flowe

Five Favorite Appalachian Trail Hikes in North Carolina

Three hundred miles of the Appalachian Trail cut through North Carolina, offering you plenty of options for day, weekend or week-long hikes.
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The Character of Woody Pines

An Asheville musician alters traditional songs to fit his diverse styles, and entertains crowds across the United States and United Kingdom.
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Birdhouse Mansions in Blowing Rock

A dentist builds palaces for his feathered friends at his cabin in Blowing Rock.
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How The Post Office Delivers Us The World

A mail carrier’s job is famously monotonous. But follow him — or her — around long enough, and understand the joy in a carrier’s day is bringing excitement to others.
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A closer look at this quiet mountain town reveals a community that’s just now growing up.
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A Cabin For Charles Kuralt

The man who went everywhere in the United States found himself most at home in his mountain hideaway.
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N.C. Governor’s Mansion in Asheville

On top of a mountain in Asheville, the Governor’s Western Residence has been a hideaway for 11 administrations and hundreds of civic groups. We’ll bet that you never knew it was here.
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5 Things to Do in June 2013

Five Things Every North Carolinian Should Do in June

From Lobster Fest in Wilmington to the Parisian Promenade in Greensboro, check out these five things every North Carolinian should do during the month of June.
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Where to Find Rhododendron in Western N.C.

Explorers fell for it, enthusiasts still search for it, and communities rally around it. The rhododendron has been a symbol of the Blue Ridge for centuries, and every summer, it covers our hillsides with color.
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