shackleford banks horses

Running Wild on Shackleford Banks

To see a wild horse is rare. To feel as free as one is even rarer. Writer Marianne Gingher searches for the horses of Shackleford Banks and the elusive feeling of being untamed.
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matt rose_Overmountain Vinyard, NC

7 North Carolina Wines You Shouldn’t Miss

When residents of other states consider North Carolina wines, there are two typical reactions: “North Carolina makes wine?” or “I’m generally not a fan of Muscadine.” While the Muscadine myth is a topic for another day, this perception problem in
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Traveling North Carolina’s Swamps

Swamps keep their secret wonders hidden well. Under their murky black water, behind impenetrable tangles of vines, and among towering cypress draped in curtains of Spanish moss, adventure lurks.
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More than a hundred years ago, Japanese arrowroot — aka kudzu — found a home in porch-side flower beds across the South. No one suspected the lush vine with the pretty purple flowers was a monster hell-bent on devouring everything in its path.
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Screen Doors

Screen Doors

Its mission may seem simple — keep out bugs and let in breeze — but on a sultry summer day, a screen door is sublime. Comprising little more than wire mesh, a wooden frame, and a handful of hardware, it creates a barrier and an invitation, and an unmistakable sound that defines summer.
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Mountains-to-Sea Trail

Traveling By Trail: The Mountains-to-Sea Trail

The Mountains-to-Sea Trail might not have the cachet of the Appalachian Trail, and is even partly theoretical, but for hikers looking for a more varied path, it’s right up their alley.
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The Appalachian Trail: Peak of Perfection

You have to work to savor the majesty of the Appalachian Trail, but there’s much to appreciate — and preserve.
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Pinehurst No. 2: Pure Pinehurst

The home of American golf, Pinehurst No. 2 nearly lost itself trying to be great. But after a yearlong restoration, it looks just like it always should have, right at home in the North Carolina Sandhills.
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Into the Forest: Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest

Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest is 3,800 acres of unchecked wilderness. Here, centuries-old trees scrape the sky and shelter a natural world that reminds us of our place on this planet.
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Batman of Swain County: Keith Bruce

Lifelong adventurer Keith Bruce, a retired dentist, flies into his later years on a zip line and the belief that life should be a ride.
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