Into the Forest

Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest is 3,800 acres of unchecked wilderness. Here, centuries-old trees scrape the sky and shelter a natural world that reminds us of our place on this planet.
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Batman of Swain County

Lifelong adventurer Keith Bruce, a retired dentist, flies into his later years on a zip line and the belief that life should be a ride.
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Hot Springs

In the mountains, a town gives off a peaceful feeling that’s as healing as its waters.
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Blowing Rock

In the small town in the mountains, the people look after nature, and nature looks after the people.
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The Blessing of the Hounds

Hunters and hounds gather reverently on Thanksgiving Day. Soon, they will burst across Hobby Field on the heels of Codie Hayes, who was born to lead them in pursuit of tradition and glory.
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Fly Fishing in North Carolina

Where well-stocked waters and gorgeous settings add up to the perfect day.
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Heart of the Hunter

Hunting, by definition, is a sport. But it is not a game. When we hunt, we step into another world — the natural world, the wild world — intending to take something from it. The best hunters appreciate this, respect this, and pause for this before they pull a trigger or set a trap. They know, too, that life has always required life, whether we sustain ourselves on plants or game. And most important, they understand that what we take, we should also revere. These are our true sportsmen.
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Wings Over Water Wildlife Festival

Serious birders come to the Outer Banks festival with a single goal — to spot a bird unlike any other they’ve ever seen. Others climb into canoes and hike into the wetlands to explore eastern North Carolina’s natural spaces. They all get swept up in Wings Over Water.
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Sound Story

Telling Currituck Sound’s story comes naturally to Sharon Meade, a curator at the Outer Banks Center for Wildlife Education. The story is her own.
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Elton and Judy Sawyer revel in the wholesome fun they watch unfold at their campground.

A Reason to Stop

North River Campground is a slice of Americana, an old-fashioned lodge and campground that will take you back to movies on the lawn, swimming in a lake, and marshmallows toasted over an open fire.

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