Find Your Perfect North Carolina Beach

Which North Carolina beach was made for you? Before packing your swimsuit, take our quiz presented by Crabtree Valley Mall.
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5 Things May 2013

Five Things Every North Carolinian Should Do in May

From exploring the Dismal Swamp Canal to the Ramp Festival in Waynesville, check out these five things every North Carolinian should do during the month of May.
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Happy Valley Pals

Old-Time Sound

Members of the Happy Valley Pals band preserve traditional Piedmont music.
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Leila Amiri The Admiral

A Seat at the Bar: The Admiral in Asheville

The Admiral in West Asheville is more than a place for drinks, unless that’s all you want it to be.
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Battery Park Book Exchange

The Battery Park Book Exchange

At this eclectic bookstore in Asheville’s Grove Arcade, wine and espresso entice as many customers as the 30,000 gently used books. Here, old and new collide in a rich, decadent decor that resembles the arcade’s original purpose: to create an ambiance of extravagance.
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John Harris

The Simplest Flying Machine

John Harris learned to fly in the 1970s with a piece of nylon. And still today, whether he’s holding a kite string in his hands on the Nags Head beach or strapping a hang glider to his back on Jockey’s Ridge, he enjoys knowing that the only thing keeping the contraption aloft is the breeze beneath him.
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Ashe County Cow Tanks

Three-Cow Town

In West Jefferson, the cows point the way.
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Tony Avent Plant Delights

The Place He Imagined

Tony Avent never outgrew his childhood dream to run a nationally recognized nursery in his Raleigh backyard. So he made it happen.
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Morehead City

Morehead City

In the hub of Carteret County, the water is where people work and where they play.
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At Home in the Southern Wild

At the North Carolina Zoo in Randolph County, gorillas live like us in many ways. They play. They fight. They love. And we love them back.
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Oakdale Cemetary

Always on Sunday

Designed as a park to encourage visitation, Wilmington’s Oakdale Cemetery was the first cemetery in North Carolina to be part of a national Rural Garden Cemetery Movement, a place for family to celebrate the living as well as the dead.
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