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What Part Of North Carolina Fits You?

Are you like your neighbor? Our State and the Elon Poll asked people across the state about their likes, dislikes, and opinions on all things N.C. The results tell us which counties people with similar answers tend to live.

Take the quiz below to see what county is home to folks like you.
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Jon Farace Bar Cocoa

Sweet Spot

At Bar Cocoa in The Ritz-Carlton hotel in Charlotte, everything you see is a treat.
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Winter Camping

A Case for Camping Under the Snow

Winter backpacking might make you shiver at the mere thought. But before you shake your head no, consider what you’re missing.

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Chris and Bob Nutter Maple View Farm

Maple View Farm

In Hillsborough, a fifth-generation dairyman and his wife tend a herd of cows with a heritage as strong as the family’s.
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Vernon Owens Jugtown Pottery

An Earthly Pursuit

Jugtown Pottery, a Seagrove tradition almost a century old, is in good hands — the same ones that have shaped the name for nearly as long.
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Lit from the Inside

The Haw River Ballroom uses salvaged materials from its past to create new memories.
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Mount Olive

When your hometown is famous for its namesake pickle company, you don’t mind saying you grew up across the street from a pickle plant.
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The Flower Ladies

Membership in The Garden Club of North Carolina doesn’t require a tea dress or an etiquette course, but a pair of gloves and a strong work ethic are recommended.

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Grady’s Barbecue

Eating barbecue at this Dudley restaurant is simple, but running the place requires some sacrifices.
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Ready for Takeoff

Go for a ride in the clouds with the men and women who work at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in Goldsboro, and the impressive work they do opens up before your eyes like the horizon.
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Living Moving Art

Vollis Simpson and his vast hands molded metal into artwork for decades. And when the rust is gone, his giant, vibrant sculptures will stand tall in a Wilson field, blowing in eastern North Carolina breezes for years to come and for thousands to see.
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