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What Part Of North Carolina Fits You?

Are you like your neighbor? Our State and the Elon Poll asked people across the state about their likes, dislikes, and opinions on all things N.C. The results tell us which counties people with similar answers tend to live.

Take the quiz below to see what county is home to folks like you.
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out and about june

Out and About: June 2014

Whether you’re looking for a gallery walk or an adventure obstacle course on the beach, there is plenty to do this month in North Carolina.
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Out and About: May 2014

From the mountains to the coast, here’s our Carolina calendar for May 2014.

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10 Ways to Get On The Water in N.C.

The coolest place during a North Carolina summer is anywhere on or in the water.
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10 Places for Animal Lovers in N.C.

North Carolina offers a variety of ways to catch of glimpse at some of nature’s most beautiful creatures.
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10 Ways to Go Beyond the Beach in N.C.

What do you do when you’ve had enough sun and sand? Here are a few ways to take in a different side of the beach.
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100 Ways To Get Outdoors In North Carolina

Whether you’re hiking up our mountains or winding down at our wineries, there are plenty of ways to enjoy North Carolina’s great outdoors.
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10 N.C. Creameries to Explore and Enjoy

There’s a new crop of cheese makers, connoisseurs, and consumers who are making room for real cheese at our tables. Enjoy exploring and eating at these North Carolina creameries.
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10 Places to Enjoy the Night Sky

Summer nights make for great stargazing. Visit these spots around NC for an ideal view.
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10 Outdoor Events You Shouldn’t Miss in N.C.

From live music to food festivals, there is no shortage of ways to spend a day outside in North Carolina.
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10 Ideas for Adventure Seekers in N.C.

Looking for thrill and excitement in North Carolina? Here are a few ideas to get your adrenaline pumping.
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