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What Part Of North Carolina Fits You?

Are you like your neighbor? Our State and the Elon Poll asked people across the state about their likes, dislikes, and opinions on all things N.C. The results tell us which counties people with similar answers tend to live.

Take the quiz below to see what county is home to folks like you.
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10 Places to Enjoy the Night Sky

Summer nights make for great stargazing. Visit these spots around NC for an ideal view.
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10 Outdoor Events You Shouldn’t Miss in N.C.

From live music to food festivals, there is no shortage of ways to spend a day outside in North Carolina.
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10 Ideas for Adventure Seekers in N.C.

Looking for thrill and excitement in North Carolina? Here are a few ideas to get your adrenaline pumping.
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10 N.C. Wineries You Shouldn’t Miss

Share a bottle with friends at one of these popular North Carolina vineyards and wineries.
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10 N.C. Baseball Teams to Cheer On

Peanuts, crackerjacks, and 9 innings of outdoor fun across North Carolina.
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Travel Ideas From Our Partners: June 2014

Don’t miss these great travel ideas and specials from our partners this June.
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Cedar Point Tideland Trail

Coastal Strolls

When we think hiking, we think mountains. But a long walk on the Carolina coast’s hidden trails proves that the beach isn’t always for bumming.
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String Towns

There’s great music in every corner of our state. Here are just a few places to hear and play traditional tunes.
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Ocean Isle Oasis: The Winds Resort Beach Club

Forty years ago, an advertising artist from New York and his wife found an island paradise. Today, their children take care of their widower father and the resort that their parents created.

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Spring Getaways

Don’t miss these great travel ideas and specials from our partners this spring.
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