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What Part Of North Carolina Fits You?

Are you like your neighbor? Our State and the Elon Poll asked people across the state about their likes, dislikes, and opinions on all things N.C. The results tell us which counties people with similar answers tend to live.

Take the quiz below to see what county is home to folks like you.
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My Town: Spruce Pine

My Town: Spruce Pine

Bill Wilson recalls a memory about Spruce Pine in the 1970s that captures the essence of small town North Carolina.
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Tarboro Tradition

Coolmore Plantation is both a mansion and a museum. But to Joe Spiers, who lives here with his wife, Janet, it is both a connection to his family’s history and a structure that symbolizes his own endurance and strength.
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One Foot in the Past

Defying the retail odds, Whitley Furniture Galleries still resides in the redbrick building where it started more than 100 years ago. And it’s still reason enough to visit Zebulon and enjoy the charms of our state’s small towns.
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Southern Pines

A paradise in the pines that once reeled in Northerners seeking fresh air and natural cures now stands as a home for horsemen and golfers and other finer things. For the people who live here, like the author, Southern Pines will always be the place that heals the soul.
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Call of the Cabin

On their small mountain in Haywood County, Dan and Betsy Boyd put special care into every piece of wood that makes up their Boyd Mountain Cabins.
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International Civil Rights Museum, Greensboro, N.C.

A Part of Us All: The Story of the Greensboro Four

When four young men took their seats at a lunch counter 51 years ago, they had no intentions of leaving and no idea what would happen. Such a simple act, denied them for so long, reignited the civil rights movement throughout the South. Today, the lunch counter and the seats are preserved at the same South Elm Street location in Greensboro as part of the International Civil Rights Center and Museum, giving all of us the chance to experience North Carolina’s place in the movement toward equality.
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Jim Noble, King's Kitchen, Charlotte, N.C.

The King’s Kitchen

For notable chef and restaurateur Jim Noble, it’s always about the food. But at this Charlotte eatery, it’s also about something more.
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Calling people in with its coastal beauty, the third-oldest town in North Carolina swells with history and friendly faces.
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2010 Tosco Music Party

Welcome to the Tosco Music Party

John Tosco wants you to feel comfortable at the Halton Theater in Charlotte, so find a seat, take your shoes off if you like, and settle in for a personal acoustic session.
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concord memorial garden

A Place of Life

In downtown Concord’s Memorial Garden, personal stories bring character to beautiful landscapes.
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