Quiz: Where’s Your Perfect N.C. Mountain Destination?

Take this quiz to find out which destination is your perfect getaway. Inspired by the North Carolina mountains and presented by Great Outdoor Provision Co.
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Acres of Antiques

Vito and Mary Ellen Sico started out buying antiques to furnish their first home. Their collection grew into a business, and today it’s the inspiration for the Liberty Antiques Festival, a twice-a-year event that attracts hundreds of vendors and thousands of shoppers from nearly two dozen states.

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No Place Like Home: Land of Oz in Beech Mountain

For years, Cynthia Keller couldn’t finish watching The Wizard of Oz, for fear of the Wicked Witch. Now, as caretaker of Beech Mountain’s Land of Oz, she wakes up every day in a house at the center of the wonderful land.
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Town Center

In colonial North Carolina, if you needed to mail a letter, have a tooth pulled, get a divorce, or launch a revolution, you went to a tavern. To get a sense of what you would have found inside one, take a trip to Historic Halifax.
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While overcoming the literary persecution of her childhood, Emöke B’Racz established Asheville’s signature bookstore and pioneered the downtown business revival.
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My Town: Little Switzerland

My Town: Little Switzerland

Ann Kernahan shares the story Little Switzerland, the mountain town she’s come to call home.
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Sharing their Love

At Millstone Meadows Daylily Farm in Morganton, a couple found a home and a place to grow their passions — his for flowers, hers for food.
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My Town Calabash

My Town: Calabash

Cathy Thomas Altman’s watery family roots go back a long way in Calabash, N.C.
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When Lightning Hits Sand

Most people don’t notice the gray lumps. They look like concrete leftovers, not particularly attractive, even for a rock. But Phil Greene sees something more as he walks the beach along Corolla. When he picks up fulgurite, he’s holding petrified energy. And that’s worth holding on to.
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tar heel traveler

Tar Heel Traveler: Journeys Across North Carolina by Scott Mason

The geographic center of North Carolina is behind a chicken house on a farm in Randolph County. The farm lies within the city limits of Star. A granite plaque, with latitude and longitude engraved, marks the spot.
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My Town Burgaw

My Town: Burgaw

Anna Humphrey Katsoulis paints a picture of Burgaw, a town rich in history and community.
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