Drew Perry

Perry teaches writing at Elon University. His first novel, This Is Just Exactly Like You, was a finalist for the Flaherty-Dunnan prize from the Center for Fiction, a Best-of-the-Year pick from The Atlanta Journal Constitution and a SIBA Okra pick. His second, Kids These Days, was an Amazon Best-of-the-Month pick and was named to Kirkus Reviews 'Winter's Best Bets' and 'Books So Funny You're Guaranteed to Laugh' lists.


Family Tradition: Time Machine

How to create a family story that’ll last for generations: Build a cart of odds and ends. Add two brave boys. Head for the Piedmont hills, and ride.


Family Tradition: Lost, or Not, at Sea

The Atlantic Ocean is vast, and The Wee is, well, wee. With his dad, the author, The Wee finds comfort and reassurance on the North Carolina coast.


The Best Seat in the Stadium

When you’ve grown up listening to the Atlanta Braves on the radio, the opportunity to watch a baseball game — any baseball game — from the broadcast booth is like a dream come true.


Family Tradition: Of Mice & Boys

An ode to the freedom of the road, passing the torch, and one Carolina pickup.


When Life Gives You Lemons…

Selling lemonade by the cupful is a rite of passage for kids. Buying a cup of that sweet-tart goodness is a duty for adults — regardless of the price.


Family Tradition: The Promise of a Peach

How can such a simple summertime pleasure say so much about the history of the Sandhills, and tradition, and being happy with what you’ve got?


Family Tradition: The Edge of Summer

Friends and family and long, lazy days on the lake: This is almost-summer in North Carolina.