Away Message podcast
photograph by Andrew Kornylak

It started with a simple question. What is the most remote place in the entire state of North Carolina?

Our search for the answer led us from the mountains to the coast. In the same week, I stood at the westernmost spot in the state, and dipped my toes in the Atlantic Ocean. I’ve been up on a 2,000 foot-tall tower, and way down in a swamp. I’ve hiked, boated, and put a lot of miles on my poor, poor ten-year-old car.

The result: An eight episode podcast, the first from Our State magazine. In the premiere, which is out now, we take a long trip to the spot on a map that’s considered to be the most geographically remote place in North Carolina. What we found, deep in the woods, was not what we expected.

Wondering what a podcast is? We have a short explanation here. Want to subscribe? We’re on iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher, and Overcast, and you can also listen to episodes on our show page,, and talk about the show on Facebook. We can’t wait for you to hear it, and hear what you have to say.

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Markovich is a senior editor/writer at Our State, and a former special content producer for NBC Charlotte. He has won two 2011 regional Emmy Awards and regional Edward R. Murrow awards along with the 2011 Green Eyeshade award for Magazine Feature Writing, the 2010 National City and Regional Magazine Award for Personality Profile, the 2010 Clarion Award for a Magazine Feature Article, and the 2010 Green Eyeshade Award’s Best-In-Show for Non Daily Print Journalism.