Blue Ridge Fried Apples


Peel, slice, and core firm, slightly unripe apples (quantity can be varied as desired according to the skillet size). Slices should be of medium thickness, about ½-inch wide.

Distribute the slices in a skillet; fill not more than half of the pan’s depth.

Sprinkle the slices thoroughly with sugar, at least enough to coat well. no water or other frying medium is necessary. For enhanced flavor, add bacon fat.

Cook over on high until the apples begin to steam; then quickly reduce heat to medium-high.

Never stir or turn the slices.

Fry with lid on for about 15 minutes, then remove lid, and turn heat to low.

Cook on low heat until the slices become translucent and excess moisture evaporates.

Variations of this basic recipe are numerous. Add cinnamon, for example, for a spicy flavor. Individual servings can be buttered at the table. If serving as a dessert, adding whipped cream on top enriches the apples.

This recipe comes from R. Kelly Coffey and it first appeared in the September 2007 issue of Our State magazine.

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