On sleepless nights, the Carolina moon guides us. To a full moon, quarter moon, a crescent; to the same moon our parents saw, and their parents, and their parents’ parents, we offer up our dreams, our fears, our secrets. And the moon has its own secrets. They collect, like drops of water, in lunar hiding places. This was the night a young couple fell in love. This is the mysterious way nature signals change to its creatures. This is a corner of the sky you can see only with a telescope. Even when the moon is new, we sense its presence, there win the dark, a quiet companion.

Under a Carolina Moon

under a carolina moon featureDuring World War II, a chance meeting led to a long-distance romance forever preserved in letters.

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Lunar Liquids

lunar liquids feature image They say there’s magic in a full moon. We’re happy to sit out under the night sky, waiting to see what unfolds – as long as we have something in hand to sip.

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Full Moon Oyster Bar

moon oyster feature If you seek oysters in Clemmons or Southern Pines, you’ll likely find friends, too.

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Carolina Moon2

Blue Crabs’ Secret

shedding crab North Carolina fishermen look to the moon to unlock secrets of the natural world.

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Quarter Moon Books

quarter moon feature Part café, part boutique, the heart of this Topsail Beach shop has always been books.

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Carolina Skies

night sky feature For astronomy experts and enthusiasts, exploring our state means more than looking around — it means looking up.

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