From a mouth-watering pimento cheese sandwich to a breathtaking look inside a dogwood bloom, our 2010 covers sparked conversation and invited you to turn the page and read more. Which was your favorite? Scroll down to see how your favorite did in our poll. And make sure to take a moment to read or leave a comment on our covers.

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The Results

January: 25 votes (1%)
February: 147 votes (3%)
March: 456 votes (10%
April: 84 votes (2%)
May: 82 votes (2%)
June: 285 votes (6%)
July: 198 votes (4%)
August: 338 votes (7%)
September: 1634 votes (34%) – THE WINNER!
October: 324 votes (7%)
November: 1055 votes (22%)
December: 155 votes (3%)

Total votes: 4783

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