The August 2018 Issue

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Lake Lore

by Caroline Kelly

These two lake legends are almost too far-fetched to be true — almost.

August 2018 Welcome Letter: The Perfect Scoop

by Elizabeth Hudson

Nothing lasts forever — not summer, not ice cream. All we can do is hold onto the memories.

Our State Quiz: Fresh Waters

by Alan Hodge

Big or small, shallow or deep — in North Carolina, a lake is just a stone’s skip away


This is North Carolina

We Live Here

Downtown: Belmont

by Katie Schanze

There’s a rhythm in the history of this Gaston County city, and chic restaurants and shops are creating an infectious new beat.

Indigo Farms in Calabash

by Jennifer Brookland

Sam Bellamy grew up tending to the animals on his family’s farm in Brunswick County, but it’s his passion for nurturing plants — and people — that has flourished.

The Bullhole is the Ultimate Swimmin’ Hole

by Susan Shinn

Cooleemee Falls’ RiverPark amenities may be new, but fun at The Bullhole goes back way back at this gathering place on the South Yadkin River.

Pea Island Art Gallery in Salvo

by Katie Schanze

At her gallery on Hatteras Island, Kimmie Robertson spotlights a sea of Outer Banks artists.

Toad & Wee: Scruffy Duffers

by Drew Perry

On a short course at Pinehurst Resort, a pair of putter boys learn the finer points of teeing up, playing through, and celebrating a good drive (quietly).


Recipes: Melon Medley

by Lynn Wells

The World, In Whiteville

by Jeremy Markovich

The Chef and the Frog has its roots in Asia and Europe, its growth in good luck, and a home in eastern North Carolina.


The 1940s: A Mighty Storm

by Philip Gerard

A late summer hurricane slams the Outer Banks, leaving a path of destruction like nothing North Carolina’s coast has ever seen before.

The Round That Changed A Town

by Jeremy Markovich

One afternoon in 1955, six black men played golf on a whites-only course. What happened next pushed Greensboro toward integration and turned a local dentist into a civil rights icon.

Photo Essay: Summer by the Scoop

by Katie Saintsing

Some places stay with you forever — especially the ones that offer a cool escape on a sunny day, and happiness in a cup or cone. Ice cream parlors, dairy bars, and creameries across the state serve up more than sundaes and banana splits — they’re places of pure joy.

The Lakes Issue

North Carolina’s Amazing Lakes

by Susan Stafford Kelly

The mountains and the sea may bookend our state, but the story in between is all about our lakes: cool, calm, and always nearby, just waiting for the fishing trips and cannonballs that make summer complete.

The Mystery of Badin Lake

by Robyn Yiğit Smith

A wartime tragedy became lake lore in Stanly County. Setting the record straight, easing the heartbreak, and putting rumors to rest has taken more than 75 years — and counting.

Modern Fish Camp

by Michael Kruse

With his family’s new restaurant, Hello, Sailor, Chef Joe Kindred hopes to reclaim a cherished childhood on Lake Norman — one salt-and-pepper catfish and fried bologna sandwich at a time.

House Proud

by Jeremy Markovich

The modest homes anchored in coves on Fontana Lake redefine what it means to live on the water. So when this singular community faced the real possibility of eviction, folks joined forces to keep afloat.

Founding Fontana

by Philip Gerard

When the United States needed a power source for nuclear weapons research, it turned to the mountains of North Carolina. The only thing that stood in the government’s way: the people living there.

Pontoon Party

by Katie King

As the sun begins its leisurely dip into High Rock Lake, so do the lake dwellers of Lexington. On Thursday evenings, they tie their boats together for a floating block party.

Wake & Lake

by Jeremy Markovich

Spend a postcard-perfect afternoon lounging on a dock or catching air behind a boat, and one question will surely cross your mind: How can I make lake life real life? Three generations of the Fields family have found the answer on Lake Gaston.


Carolina Calendar: August 2018

by Our State Staff

The dog days of summer could be spent inside with air-conditioning — or you could fill them with mountain music, watermelon festivals, and seaside dancing.

NC Primer: Scene in NC

by Susan Stafford Kelly

Two major movies filmed partly in North Carolina continue to excite fans years later.