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From Elizabeth Hudson: A Time to Every Purpose

by Elizabeth Hudson

A reader’s gift and a father’s lesson foster an undying love of kitchen gadgets — and BLTs.


We Live Here

Downtown: Highlands

by Katie King

A posh downtown and abundant natural beauty offer plenty of ways to relax and reset in this quiet mountain retreat.

A Gift That Grows: Geraldine’s Market

by Mary Katherine Walt

What do you do when your husband surprises you with 500 peach trees? Sell peaches, of course.

Next Stop: Happy Hour

by Katie Schanze

In Charlotte’s busy South End, The Suffolk Punch is a depot for the modern age.

The Ivy Cottage Passes Down Memories

by Megan Smith

When Wilmington residents have antiques or valuables to sell, they entrust them to this upscale consignment shop and its adorable “Ambassador of Love.”

Put Me In, Coach

by Drew Perry

From Little League to the majors, diamond dreams never fade away. Every summer, the crack of the bat and the roar of the crowd rekindle a love for the game.


4 Campfire-Inspired Recipes

by Lynn Wells

Long walks in the woods, roasted marshmallows, nights spent under the stars. Memories of camping trips have us longing for the flavors of the great outdoors.

13 of Our Favorite Sundae Drives

by Sheri Castle

Are you an ice cream purist, perfectly pleased with classic chocolate or vanilla? Or an adventurer, always on the hunt for new flavors? Our summertime bucket list of 13 sweet spots — a scooper’s dozen! — has something for everyone.

Tomato Time!

Heirloom Tomato Gurus Foster Community and Growth

by Andrea Weigl

A friendship entwined with tomatoes continues to bloom and grow, even in unexpected gardens.

The Must-Eat ’Maters

by Andrea Weigl

Tomato guru Craig LeHoullier’s first book, Epic Tomatoes, celebrates some 250 varieties of our favorite summer garden staple. His decades of devotion to heirloom seeds have paid off — for all of us. Come BLT season, farmers markets throughout the state are bursting with tomatoes of every hue and shape. But don’t miss these six picks.

Ode to a German Johnson

by Sheri Castle

Slice ’em! Stack ’em! Eat ’em like an apple! North Carolina’s quintessential tomato is the pick of the season.

Deep Roots, Strong Vines

by Emily Cataneo

At the Woodleaf Tomato Festival in Rowan County, people with ties to tomato country return home to celebrate a crop — and a tight-knit community.

7 Tasty Tomato Traditions

by Our State Staff

Dancing tomatoes, parades and pageants, tomato beer and tomato ice cream: When the summer sun is shining, fans of this juicy, red fruit gather to share smiles and laughs at events across the state.

Bertie County’s Secret Dish: Tomato Pudding

by Kathleen Purvis

Call it a pudding if you like, but it’s more like a cobbler. Though neither word quite describes the sweet-and-savory tomato recipe that has long been a local specialty.

A Veggie Patch Stakeout: A Gardener’s Fight to Preserve His Tomatoes

by Drew Perry

When a rat wreaks havoc in the veggie patch, eliminating the pest takes an unexpected toll on a sharpshooting gardener.


Lake Norman: Town-Hopping by the Water

by Katie Saintsing

Lake Norman is the big one. Our “inland sea.” The anchor for a region. Its 520-mile shoreline is a thread that knits together the surrounding communities — so much so that many visitors think of the area as a whole, one town flowing into the next. But we can see what makes each one special.

Making Blue Ridge Memories on Max Patch

by Leigh Ann Henion

A marriage proposal in a sprawling meadow. Mating warblers in the brush. Orphaned boots on the Appalachian Trail. We are drawn to the majesty of Max Patch — a gorgeous bald in Madison County, 4,600 feet above sea level, where forest ends and 350 acres of open land begin — to gather life-changing memories.

The 1950s: UNC On The Air

by Philip Gerard

The state’s first educational TV station delivers wisdom over the airwaves, from the classroom to viewers’ living rooms.

Where the Wild Berries Are

by T. Edward Nickens

Every summer, our intrepid “Bramblin’ Man” heads into thorny thickets across North Carolina, braving bugs and briars for the promise of blackberry cobbler.


Carolina Calendar: July 2019

by Our State Staff

From bluegrass conventions to Independence Day celebrations, your curated monthly guide to events across North Carolina.

Remembering Winston-Salem’s Swimmin’ Hole

by Jeremy Markovich

Crystal Lake opened in 1925 and was a welcome reprieve from the summer heat — and only slightly dangerous.

Bonus! Eats Insert

56 Food Experiences You Can’t Miss in NC

by Katie Schanze

Whether you’re born-and-fed or looking for an Old North State culinary education, these are the food experiences from mountains to coast that you simply must check off your list. Ready? Let’s dig in.