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From Elizabeth Hudson: As Good As It Gets

by Elizabeth Hudson

Plates piled with seafood enhance and expand our enjoyment of the Carolina coast.

Quiz: Between Land & Sea

by Alan Hodge

Sheltered from ocean waves, the gentle waters of our state’s sounds are the gateway to our favorite islands.


We Live Here

Downtown: Greenville

by Katie King

A revitalized Uptown district is helping this college town become a trendy city that stands on its own.

Rolling Ridge Riding in Reidsville

by Jennifer Brookland

At a therapeutic riding center in Rockingham County, brave kids are beating the odds — with the help of some noble steeds.

The Shack in Corolla

by Katie King

Coffee shop by day, beer garden by night: For beachgoers in the northern Outer Banks, The Shack is an all-day affair.

Phydeaux in Chapel Hill

by Piper Anderson

When your pet is in need of pampering, leash up and head to a Triangle-area store designed for the furry, feathered, and fabulous.

A Bigger Splash

by Drew Perry

Sure, lakes and swimming holes offer refreshing fun — but how many have a diving board? A new generation falls in love with the nostalgic charms of the neighborhood pool.


What a Catch!

by Lynn Wells

In North Carolina, there are plenty of fish in the sea — and lakes, rivers, and streams. You don’t need a rod and reel; just visit your local fishmonger and get cookin’.

Flour, Butter, & Love

by Anna Goodwin McCarthy

Mornings with the family behind Belcross Bake Shoppe in Camden promise hot biscuits and a warm welcome.

Stuck on Summer: Saltwater Taffy

by Susan Stafford Kelly

Lazy beach days are never long enough. But for a taste of the season that lasts and lasts, saltwater taffy comes pretty close.

Annual Coastal Issue: Island Time

Island Time

by Bland Simpson

What a gift, those great shifting sandbars — a 325-mile-long string of them, clustered up and down the Carolina coast, looming so large in the history of our state and in our lives. The bridges and ferries, the wild dunes and crashing waves, the beach houses and fish dinners. Year after year, we return to the islands.

A Guide to Ocracoke

by Katie Saintsing

Where in the world is Ocracoke? For many mainlanders, the island accessible only by ferry, boat, or plane remains a mystery. For those who live there, it is home to past and present, change and stasis, a tight-knit village and wild woods filled with centuries of secrets.

Keepers of the Light

by Lane DeGregory

There are no bridges to Cape Lookout, no roads along the 56 miles of islands. In the seven years that Ron and Joan Preloger have come here to watch over its iconic lighthouse, they’ve survived raging storms and swarms of stinkbugs. They wouldn’t have it any other way.

Shaped By Sand & Sea

by Robyn Yiğit Smith

A summer camp, a beach resort, and a community retreat: Hammocks Beach State Park in Onslow County — and its epic, sugar-sand beach — inspired generations of teachers and their students. Now, it awaits rediscovery.

Follow That Fish

by Andrea Weigl

Finding local seafood at a coastal restaurant isn’t always easy. Two fishermen (and one unlucky flounder) explain why eating hook-to-fork is harder than it looks.

Island Eats: 12 Must-Visit Restaurants On The North Carolina Coast

by Our State Staff

Whether you’re looking for a shrimpburger, a fish taco, or a double-scoop ice cream cone, these restaurants know that a beach vacation should never stray too far from the sea.

Beneath Still Waters

by Leigh Ann Henion

Pioneering environmentalist Rachel Carson, author of Silent Spring, began her writing career on a 2,300-acre network of islands a short paddle south of Beaufort. At the reserve that now bears her name, marine scientists follow in her wake.

The Lure of the Fly

by Clyde Edgerton

A bottom fisherman will fish with anything — even a yardstick. But a fly fisherman requires more precision from his equipment, especially when casting from a kayak off Masonboro Island. Either way, a successful trip isn’t measured by what you catch.

High Tide on the Rocks

by Finn Cohen

Following family lore to the wilds of an unihabited island, a brother and sister find plenty of local residents hiding in plain sight.

Treasured Hunter

by Ross Garrison

When a beachgoer on the Crystal Coast loses a beloved bauble to the sea — say, a class ring or an heirloom necklace — one local comes to the rescue.

Sea Monkeys, Sand Dollars, & Wild Dunes

by Jill McCorkle

The Holden Beach island vacations of childhood are still there, if you know where to look.


The 1950s: Justice in Black & White

by Philip Gerard

As the racism of the Jim Crow era comes to a head, the push for equality gains momentum. In North Carolina and across the South, the seeds of the civil rights movement take root.

Ramblin’ Man: Memory Markers

by T. Edward Nickens

On the meaning we find in a cemetery, the tokens we leave behind, and the clarity that comes with loss and time.


Carolina Calendar: June 2019

by Our State Staff

From home tours to blueberry festivals, your curated monthly guide to events across North Carolina.

Saving, the Family Business

by Jeremy Markovich

In 1899, Erasmus Midgett saved 10 people from a shipwreck off the North Carolina coast — and started a family tradition.