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Back in the Day: Hickory Nut Heroes

by Bailey Sherrill

During World War I, children in North Carolina united in a statewide search for peach pits, walnut shells, and hickory nut shells.

November 2018 Welcome Letter: On the Next Day

by Elizabeth Hudson

As Hurricane Florence crept closer, we worried and we waited. But what happened after this destructive storm devastated our state? Our editor in chief reflects on the strength found in community.

Our State Quiz: Fresh Catch

by Alan Hodge

North Carolina’s commercial fishermen work year-round to bring coastal delights from the ocean to your plate.


This is North Carolina

We Live Here

Downtown: Carrboro

by Katie Schanze

This funky, free-spirited town in Orange County has long been shaped by the university down the street, but these days, it stands on its own.

Pine Knot Farms in Hurdle Mills

by Jennifer Brookland

A lifetime in the fields has taught an organic farmer in Orange County about hard work, innovation, and lending a hand.

Wrightsville Beach Brewery in Wilmington

by Katie Schanze

A commercial fisherman and home brewer united his passions and fulfilled a dream with a brewery committed to drinking — and eating — local.

Mockingbird on Broad in Southern Pines

by Bailey Sherrill

For the owner of Mockingbird on Broad, sharing beauty with others is a way of life.

Toad & Wee: Thanksgiving Shake-Up

by Drew Perry

With a little elbow grease and a lot of laughter, young cooks transform jars of cream into homemade butter — and a new family tradition is born.


Recipes: Changing of the Gourd

by Lynn Wells

Dandelion Eatery in Hendersonville

by Todd Dulaney

For the women who create and serve seasonal comfort food as part of a job training program at Dandelion Eatery, hope blooms.


Ramblin’ Man: The Chapel in the Woods

by T. Edward Nickens

Deep within a coastal forest near Harlowe, a Quaker church once stood. It’s long gone — but not forgotten.

A Man For His Time

by Philip Gerard

North Carolina’s wartime governor takes office with a desire to help the state he loves.

Thanksgiving Dressing Takes Center Stage on North Carolina Tables

by Sheri Castle

In the meat-and-12 feast that is Thanksgiving, one side dish reigns supreme: dressing. On North Carolina tables, the savory staple is a tribute to regional ingredients and traditions. We’re grateful for every last bite — just don’t call it stuffing.

Two Churches, One Table

by Kathleen Purvis

Thanksgiving has always been about coming together. For a pair of churches in Wilmington, this year’s holiday menu is inspired by a new cookbook that connects two communities: one historically black, and the other predominantly white.

Thank You for Your Service

by Katie Saintsing

This month, we honor the brave men and women who have sacrificed so much to protect our country. To veterans across the state, we offer our gratitude.

Roots & Grooves

by David A. Graham

For three decades, the tobacco town of Kinston was known as a hothouse for musical talent. Teachers and their students dazzled audiences with their jazz, swing, and R&B jams, giving rise to a new American sound: funk.

A Guide to NC Oysters

Welcome to North Shuckalacky

by T. Edward Nickens

Join a veteran shucker for a lesson in the art of opening an oyster.

A Most Righteous Roast

by Ashleigh Bryant Phillips

A community oyster roast in tiny Varnamtown keeps the love of a local oyster — the Lockwood Folly — alive for another generation.

An Oysterman’s Calling

by Jason Zengerle

The education of oysterman and teacher Ryan Bethea started on land with one brave slurp. Now, his sustainably harvested Harkers Island oysters are prized throughout the state.

Eight Oysters to Know

by Robyn Yiğit Smith

Bounty in the Marsh

by Eleanor Spicer Rice

Farming and fishing were a way of life on this island at the tip of Pamlico County. Then hurricanes brought rising waters. Now Lowlanders farm a new crop, one that comes from the sea.

Sticking Together

by Susan Stafford Kelly

If there’s one thing oysters like, it’s hanging out with, near, and on top of other oysters. So to make them comfy, volunteers are gathering up used shells and recycling them into new beds for bivalves.

Follow the Smoke

by Katie Schanze

How do you turn a cozy oyster feast at an Orange County homestead into an annual rollicking festival? Just add a little music, a lot of barbecue, and a bunch of friends you haven’t met yet.

Saint James Seafood: The Tastemaker of Durham

by Louise Jarvis Flynn

One of the South’s top chefs, Matt Kelly, has helped transform downtown dining into a tour of the world. But with Saint James Seafood, his inspiration is closer to home: our coast.

BONUS! The Southern Soul of Charlotte

Southern Soul of Charlotte: Editor’s Letter

by Jeremy Markovich

A tiny bar surrounded by a large apartment complex is, to our senior writer, a Rorschach test that reveals how you view North Carolina’s largest city.

Southern Soul of Charlotte: Packed In

by Susan Stafford Kelly

At The Packhouse, Deedee Hagner brings eastern North Carolina authenticity, and fantastic food, to the Piedmont.

Southern Soul of Charlotte: Explosive Growth

by Jeremy Markovich

An old Model T assembly plant turned missile factory is now the home of Camp North End, a place with new businesses popping up and space to spare.

Southern Soul of Charlotte: A Mill Town On The Menu

by Kathleen Purvis

The restaurant Haberdish, in the heart of Charlotte’s hip arts district, doesn’t just give a passing nod to NoDa’s industrial past. It embraces it with touches big and small.

Southern Soul of Charlotte: Small But Mighty

by Jen Tota McGivney

Theatre Charlotte is facing the same headwinds as a lot of community theaters. But this little playhouse in leafy Myers Park has found a way to build on its roots while taking some risks.

7 Days in Charlotte

by Our State Staff

Have a week? There’s plenty to see, eat, and do all over North Carolina’s largest city.