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Food trucks have been popping up across North Carolina for several years now. In fact, we've come to expect them. They're outside sporting events and breweries, drawing crowds along popular

Rosemary and Goat Cheese Strata

Food trucks have been popping up across North Carolina for several years now. In fact, we've come to expect them. They're outside sporting events and breweries, drawing crowds along popular

8 Can’t-Miss Food Trucks in N.C.

Food trucks have been popping up across North Carolina for several years now. In fact, we’ve come to expect them. They’re outside sporting events and breweries, drawing crowds along popular city thoroughfares, and huddled together along pedestrian-friendly walkways. In some cases, they have become destinations in and of themselves.

Yet, there’s still an excitement and energy around how they have changed the culinary landscape for diners and restauranteurs. They offer easy access and convenience to patrons, and require less financial resources from chefs who don’t want to open a traditional brick and mortar store.

Kim and Steve Brame, owners of Creative Illusions Productions, were drawn to the food truck scene in North Carolina early on.

“We were forerunners,” says Kim, noting that food trucks have only recently become popular in Richmond. “We hear about people who travel here from Norfolk, and other places in Virginia, all the time. It’s no longer just an urban thing. Smaller cities and communities are rallying around them.”

The excitement, energy, and passion inspired the husband and wife duo to highlight the food truck scene in the Triangle using their video production company.

“We decided this would be a great intern project – to film short videos about these great food trucks,” says Steve. “It started with filming just three, but the response to the videos was so great, we knew we had to keep it going.”

So, Kim and Steve brought in extra help – former interns and friends working in the industry – to create more episodes. In four months, they had filmed 17 episodes.

“When I started interviewing the food truck operators, our intention was to focus on the food,” says Kim. “But the more I talked to them, we started going deeper. We were learning their stories.”

And that’s when the name of their series was born. Street Foodie Diaries set out to tell the stories of food trucks and their operators.

Watch the episode about Pie Pushers here:

8 N.C. Food Trucks You Shouldn’t Miss

The Our State staff are always on the lookout for great places to eat. While out exploring our state, these eight food trucks found their way to our hearts. Is your favorite food truck not listed here? Leave your recommendations in the comments section below.

1 American Meltdown [from their fb]

American Meltdown
Bread, Cheese, & Gusto. You’ll never want to have a normal grilled cheese again after trying one of American Meltdown’s twelve dressed up variations.
> Serving in the Triangle area.
> For details visit americanmeltdown.org, their Facebook page, or Twitter Feed.

7 The Great Escape [from their fb]

The Great Escape
The Great Escape offers fantastic lunch and dinner fare, but you may skip straight to dessert when you take a look at their sweet crepe options. Greensboro residents rejoice whenever this blue truck parks around town.
> Serving in Greensboro, Jamestown, and Winston-Salem.
> For details visit thegreatescapenc.com, their Facebook page, or Twitter feed.

3 Wicked Biscuit [from their fb]

Wicked Biscuit Co.
After several hundred biscuits and countless hours of research and planning, breakfast food afficianados Tom Tuttle and Amelia Courtis started the Wicked Biscuit Co. food truck in June 2014.
> Serving in the Triangle area.
> For details visit wickedbiscuitco.com, their Facebook page, or Twitter feed.

5 Gypsey Queen [from their fb]

Gypsy Queen
Owned and operated by Suzy Salwa Phillips, this Asheville food truck is worth searching for. Suzy serves up Lebanese street food that is made fresh daily. She uses locally inspired ingredients and offers vegan/gluten free items.
> Serving in and around Asheville, N.C.
> For details visit gypsyqueencuisine.com or their Facebook page.


Big Mikes BBQ
Big Mikes BBQ is a mobile food truck that was born in the fall of 2011 when Michael Markham decided to follow his lifelong dream of providing his local community and the surrounding areas with some of NC’s best barbecue.
> Serving in and around Apex.
> For details visit apexbbq.com/foodtruck, their Facebook page, or Twitter feed.

6 Chef Street Bistro [from their fb]

Chef Street Bistro
Chef Jonathan Leary’s vision was to create a memorable food truck experience, reminiscent of an upscale restaruant, without sacrificing the excellent service, unique cuisine or value. You can’t go wrong with any of his sandwiches crafted on locally made bread.
> Serving in and around Charlotte, N.C.
> For details visit chefstreetbistro.com, their Facebook page, or Twitter feed.

8 Corolla Village Food Truck [from their fb]

Village Food Truck
There’s no need to find a sit-down restaurant when you need your fried food fix on the coast. Catch a wave, a sunset, and then make your way to the Corolla Village Food Truck, regularly located at Schoolhouse Lane behind the Currituck Beach Lighthouse. They’ve got burgers, hot dogs, fish and chips, and more.
> Serving in Corolla.
> For details visit their Facebook page or Twitter feed.

2 Porchetta [from their fb]

This locally owned and operated food truck’s staple menu item is porchetta roast, a pork loin, wrapped in pork belly stuffed with herbs and spices and shaved into a delicious sandwich experience unlike any other. 
> Serving around Chapel Hill, Raleigh, and Durham.
> For details visit porchettardu.com, their Facebook page, or Twitter feed.

Learn more

Street Foodie Diaries is an online documentary-style series that takes you inside food trucks to meet the owners and find out what made them take this leap of faith into the world of “Mobile Culinary Dreamers.”

Meet the team behind the series, and watch all the episodes online now.

This story was published on Jul 22, 2014

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