Carolina Wetlands
photograph by Cody Woodworth

about dogwood alliance

The forests and wetlands of the Southern United States are some of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet.

But these forests are more than just a haven for plants and animals. They also provide clean air and water, outdoor recreation opportunities, hunting grounds, and a source of income for so many of our Southern communities.

From the Carolina Bays that dot the East Coast to the hardwood wetland forests that are found throughout the Piedmont, and from the swamps of Louisiana to the forests of Appalachia, The Dogwood Alliance is the only nonprofit organization focused on protecting Southern Forests and the communities that rely on them.

The Dogwood Alliance has been responsible for helping companies including Staples, McDonalds, and KFC transform their paper-buying policies. We have worked with some of the largest paper manufacturers in the world to develop new, sustainable forest management practices. And we are now working towards a 21st Century Economy where business and the environment are not in conflict, where economic well-being is based on taking care of our resources, and where we value nature–not as something to be exploited– but as the basis from which all growth stems.

We invite you to join us.

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