Inspired by the photo essay “Eyes on Fort Bragg” in our June 2010 issue, we invited Our State readers to submit, via our website, a note of thanks and support to soldiers. The response was overwhelming and in just two weeks, we received more than 800 messages. Feel free to add your thoughts as well in the comments section below.

Through a partnership with officials at Fort Bragg, we were able to share copies of the June 2010 issue of Our State with men and women in uniform. Several of the messages submitted by readers are below and a downloadable set of all 800 messages is available here.

Ways you can share these messages with a service member you know:

1) By the “Share” button under this story, simply click the small white envelope to email this page directly to someone you know.
2) You can copy and paste this webpage address into the body of an email to a service member. They can access this page directly from that email.
2) Open the pdfs and save a copy to your computer. You can attach the actual pdfs to an email to a service member to send the messages directly.
3) Open the pdfs and print a copy of as many messages as you like to include in a care package you may be sending to a service member.

To view a single pdf of all 800 messages, click here.

To view smaller subsets of the messages, click on individual links below.
Notes to Soldiers 1
Notes to Soldiers 2
Notes to Soldiers 3
Notes to Soldiers 4
Notes to Soldiers 5
Notes to Soldiers 6

A Sample of the Notes submitted by Our State readers

The men and women serving selflessly in our nation’s armed forces are following a long tradition of patriots who put their lives on the line in defense of freedom, security, and liberty. We salute them and honor them everyday. They are in our prayers and thoughts. God bless!
–Richard P. in Zebulon, N.C.

Thank you for protecting our country. We appreciate you. My daddy is in Afghanistan. Stay safe.
-Maeve, 3rd Grade, in Chatham, N.C.

Thank you for your service to our country. You are in our hearts!

I am the mother of a NYC firefighter, Peter Anthony Vega, who was killed at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. I pray for all your safety and return home to the good old USA. I admire you for the job you are doing. I know what a strain it is on your families, as I was an Army brat myself. I continue to pray for an end to all casualties of war as I do not want any mother, father, wife, child, or other loved one to experience the grief and pain we have gone through since September 11. Please know that we at home, and most especially the families of 9/11, wait for your safe return. God Bless.
-Maureen R. in Rock Hill, S.C.

As the mother of a Marine, I can only say thank you for your dedication which continues to amaze me. God Bless our Troops.
-Alice J. in High Point, N.C.

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