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January 2014January: Views of a Lifetime
Check out our list of places to hit across the state to take in breathtaking views. Plus, we explore Durham, talk snow days, and more. See the table of contents and the online exclusive content that was featured in this issue.
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November - ESpicerRice Keepers of the Light: North Carolina’s Linemen by Eleanor Spicer Rice (November)
It’s easy to take for granted the gifts of electric heat and light, but it wasn’t so long ago that much of our state lay in darkness. Our thanks to the linemen who faced — and continue to face — sleepless nights, dizzying heights, and the constant peril of electrocution to give us power through the simple act of flipping a switch.
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Photo Essay

mountain 1Mile High Mountain (September)
The familiar profile of Grandfather Mountain stretches from forehead to chin. But take a closer look beyond the famous face. Contained within these contours is an astonishing variety — 16 different natural communities — of biological diversity. What’s more, it’s possible to experience most in a single day’s hike. Photography by Max Cooper.
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Cheerwine Cocktail Cheerwine Cocktail (Our State Eats blog)
Tailgating is tradition in North Carolina, but there’s still room to get creative. Next time you’re flipping burgers, try this this refreshing cocktail by Our State Eat’s food blogger Amy Brinkley, made with Cheerwine and bourbon.
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In 2007, folk musician Stephanie Stewart left North Carolina for the Pacific Northwest. A year later, she returned with inspiration for a song. Listen to “Wake Me, Carolina” and read more about this song and home in N.C. in Our State‘s December 2014 “Carolina Classic.”
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