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Summer Photo Contest

  • Photography by Geoff Wood

See the winners from our summer photo contest presented by Got to Be NC Agriculture.

Got to Be NC Summer Photo Contest

This summer, we invited you to submit your best photographs that embody North Carolina’s diverse agricultural community.

Seven winners were selected by a panel of judges to win a special-edition gift box courtesy of Got to Be NC and Roote North Carolina that is filled to the brim with products grown, raised, caught, and made in North Carolina.

Winning Photographs

About Got to Be NC and Roote North Carolina

Got to Be NC is the official state identity program for agricultural products grown, raised, caught, and made in North Carolina. When you see Got to Be NC, you know that you are getting a quality agricultural product from North Carolina.

Managed by the N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Got to Be NC works with farmers and food businesses to identify new markets for agricultural products locally and abroad. In doing so, the program helps the state’s farm families and strengthens local economies across North Carolina.

Roote North Carolina connects North Carolina food businesses with consumers through special gift boxes featuring locally made products. The goals of Roote North Carolina are to open up opportunities and create support for N.C. food producers; connect consumers to local products that typically have limited distribution; and link sustainable activities to the global community, one delectable gift at a time.

For consumer resources and information about all of the marketing programs of the N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, visit

For online directory of farms, farmers markets, and roadside stands, visit

Roote North Carolina connects North Carolina food businesses with consumers through special-edition gift boxes featuring locally made products. For more information on Roote North Carolina, visit

Got to Be NC Images

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26 Responses to Summer Photo Contest

  1. Lou Ann Adkins says:

    Congratulations Gary Joyce !!!

  2. Catherine Miller says:

    Congratulations to the winners….a wonderful collection of NC captures!

  3. Jill Moye says:

    When will the winner(s) be announced?

  4. Jamie says:

    Wow, that baby in tobacco feild is priceless.

  5. Jamie T Jones says:

    This little guy is getting an early start to becoming a farmer.

  6. Frances Carter says:

    Love Our State. You can learn so much from it Some of the recipes are to die for. It has every thing in it .

  7. Darlene Barber Ashley says:

    White Hall Vineyards belongs to my brother and his wife, George and Sonya Barber. The vineyard was once a cotton and tobacco plantation which belonged to Joseph Kemp our great,great grandfather built in the 1850’s. It has been preserved through three generations. You never know what you might find in N.C. in our own backyards.

  8. Raising/Grow Bamboo plants, Bamboo Walking Tours, Bamboo Harvesting Poles,Education use Poles build Bamboo Fence, Bamboo splitting make weaving basket

  9. Florence Mims says:

    It is such a beautiful state.

  10. Dale OBryant says:

    The word should be “fried”. :)

  11. John Bullington says:

    Good luck everyone….

  12. Ann Elkins says:

    Blueberry Field In The Distance

  13. Ann Elkins says:

    North Carolina Blueberries, hand picked and delicious.

  14. Ann Elkins says:

    You can’t get any fresher than hand picked blue berries, straight off the Tuttle Farm in Stoneville, North Carolina.

  15. Greg Quintard says:

    Submitted photo is Nash Community College Culinary Arts Herb Garden. Located in Rocky Mount, North Carolina.

  16. Kimberly Rodriguez says:

    A lot of great pictures! We are enjoying looking at all of them.

  17. Rebecca France says:

    Oh no!! I misspelled potato and can’t fix it! I seem to remember a politician did the same thing a few years back.

  18. Catherine Miller says:

    Caption for this photo is “Summer Harvest”

  19. Shark caught in florida Keys.

  20. Randy Smith says:

    Enjoying the shade.

  21. Randy Smith says:

    Jacob feeding newborn calf.

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