Heber Guthrie in the lightkeeper uniform of the Cape Lookout Lighthouse

Heber Guthrie

Born on Harkers Island and the great-grandson of a lightkeeper, Heber Guthrie now dons the visage of former lightkeepers to inspire a sense of Down East pride in younger generations.

5 Sunset Sails to Take This Summer

From the deck of a boat, a sunset over the water is even more spectacular. With gentle waves as the stage, charismatic captains as the cast, and an orange glow as the backdrop, these evening cruises put on a show that’s sure to impress.

Keepers of the Light

There are no bridges to Cape Lookout, no roads along the 56 miles of islands. In the seven years that Ron and Joan Preloger have come here to watch over its iconic lighthouse, they’ve survived raging storms and swarms of stinkbugs. They wouldn’t have it any other way.