January 2017 Welcome Letter: Spoonful of Sugar

Editor in Chief Elizabeth Hudson inherited her dad’s sweet tooth, so candies and cookies were as ingrained in her childhood as Polaroid cameras and vinyl LPs.


December Welcome Letter: Wish List

Editor in Chief Elizabeth Hudson considers what her Christmas wish list might look like today, compared to the ones she used to write as a child.


October Welcome Letter: On This Mountain Morning

Editor in Chief Elizabeth Hudson writes of how the cozy morning routine at the Glade Valley Bed and Breakfast feels like home.


September Welcome Letter: Fight On

Editor in Chief Elizabeth Hudson explores the unwavering passion and dedication of college football fans in North Carolina.


August Welcome Letter: Save Room

There’s nothing quite like a homemade dessert, like Editor in Chief Elizabeth Hudson’s favorite pound cake, made with love in her grandmother’s kitchen.


July Welcome Letter: In Search of Summer

Editor in Chief Elizabeth Hudson describes what her summers looked like growing up—there were no beach vacations or picnic baskets, but there were sparklers, pop guns, scraped knees, and wonder.

Editor's Column

June Welcome Letter: Glass Half Full

Editor in Chief Elizabeth Hudson remembers the small joy of savoring a cool beverage—be it sweet tea, ice cold well water, or Pepsi—on a hot day in the South.