July Welcome Letter: In Search of Summer

Editor in Chief Elizabeth Hudson describes what her summers looked like growing up—there were no beach vacations or picnic baskets, but there were sparklers, pop guns, scraped knees, and wonder.

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June Welcome Letter: Glass Half Full

Editor in Chief Elizabeth Hudson remembers the small joy of savoring a cool beverage—be it sweet tea, ice cold well water, or Pepsi—on a hot day in the South.

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May Welcome Letter: Beside the Still Waters

Editor in Chief Elizabeth Hudson explores how the bodies of water in North Carolina impact us individually, but connect us as a community.

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April Welcome Letter: How to Collect a Life

Editor in Chief Elizabeth Hudson thinks back on her antique-filled childhood home, and how a metal riding horse became part of the family.

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March Welcome Letter: Spring Clean

Editor in Chief Elizabeth Hudson reminisces on her mother’s trusty habit of sweeping the floor, and the memories that are uncovered with each swipe of her broom.

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The Language of Flowers

Until recently, flowers never spoke to me; certainly not the way they spoke to my grandmother.

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In Search Of Safe Places

There’s something we all want — a living connection of compassion.

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From The Booth

Reflecting on life in a place where it’s somehow 30 years ago as much as it’s today.

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Beauty Is In the Eye…

My mother sees with her heart. And I don’t know of a more beautiful sight than that.