The Men Who Reinvented Fishing

Capt. Ernie Foster is likely the last captain in the original family of sport fishing — his father started the first charter boat in North Carolina in 1937. Now this Hatteras captain works to keep the family fleet that fishes for fun in harmony with neighbors who fish for profit.


On the Edge of Everything

On Harkers Island, locals like Karen Amspacher fight for what they believe in. And these people want to know two things: Where are you from? And what do you stand for?

April 2013

Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum

During World War II, coastal residents turned out their lights and waited in silence for German U-boats to sink another ship. The submarines lurking in the Atlantic crippled the coast with fear and claimed nearly 5,000 lives.


Living Moving Art

Vollis Simpson and his vast hands molded metal into artwork for decades. And when the rust is gone, his giant, vibrant sculptures will stand tall in a Wilson field, blowing in eastern North Carolina breezes for years to come and for thousands to see.

December 2012

Maggie Valley

An eccentric town in a mysterious mountain setting bursts with individual flare. And its residents, both old and new, have happily decided that works for them.

December 2012

It Takes an Orchestra

The North Carolina Symphony combines a colorful cast of characters with a complex composition and an ear for yesterday.


Time Stands Still in Old Salem

When Winston and Salem became Winston-Salem, a rustic town of Germanic origins could have been lost to time and punctuation. But today one thing remains the same as it was in the 18th century: Old Salem.

November 2012

Saying Grace

It’s a simple gesture to say thank you. But how we express those words and the reasons we utter them are far more complex.