Shrimp & Grit in Sneads Ferry

Along North Carolina’s ever-changing coast, shrimp trawlers remain a constant — on the ocean, the rivers, the sounds — thanks to resourceful captains who face challenging headwinds with determination. Want to know how they do it? Come aboard.

The High Country: Nature’s Art

The spectacular views in North Carolina’s High Country aren’t just inspiration for writers, painters, and sculptors. Those landscapes — the rugged gray face of Grandfather Mountain, the vibrant fall leaves, the deep green meadows — are brushstrokes on Earth’s own canvas.

The Art of Exploration

Through the eyes of Greensboro artist Katie Podracky, a challenging year was an opportunity for adventure: In 2020, she and her family visited every state park in North Carolina. Her paintings turn each park into a joyful kaleidoscope of color and memory.

The Salamander Safari

They’re called a lot of uncharitable names — snot otters, devil dogs, hellbenders — but the ancient aquatic creatures of Appalachia are a prime indicator of the health of our waterways.