Durham’s Bakery District

Where to find the city’s best breads, pies, and doughnuts.


Music Deep Down

For two young brothers who got their start tapping rhythms on household items, music comes naturally.


Merritt’s Store and Grill in Chapel Hill

You might wait 45 minutes for a B.L.T. at Merritt’s Store and Grill in Chapel Hill. But trust us, this bite is worth it.

January 2013

To the Moon, from Chapel Hill

Nearly every U.S. astronaut until 1975 — yes, including Neil, Buzz, John, and Alan — trained at Morehead Planetarium. That’s where they learned to navigate outer space.

November 2012

Uncle Joe and The Turkey Bowl

For decades in a backyard in Chapel Hill, there was a post-Thanksgiving meal tradition: football. A game in which family became foes, and touch became tackle. One writer remembers it as the stuff of legend.


Allen & Son Barbeque

Keith Allen’s old-fashioned, hands-on method earned him a place in North Carolina’s barbecue canon.

July 2012

Carolina in My Mind

More than a song and more than a state of mind, James Taylor’s classic speaks to where we’ve been, where we are, and where we always want to be.

June 2012

Searching for the Blues

One man finds his musical niche — and more — in Raleigh.