1940s Series

Preserving History

Earl Kirkland shares stories of the Great Flood of 1940 with visitors of the Swain County Heritage Museum.

Decades Series

The Deluge of 1940

Mountain communities bear the brunt of the decade’s most deadly Atlantic storm — forever changing our western landscape.

Decades Series

The Home of the Airborne

After the Great War, the army planned to mothball a sandhills airfield. But when the United States is pulled into another conflict, the base is reborn with a new purpose and a new name: Fort Bragg.

Decades Series

The Soundtrack of the Decade

In the 1940s, traditional mountain music gives rise to bluegrass, jazz spreads nationwide, and three North Carolina natives make their mark on American music.


Preserving Piedmont’s Legacy

Charles Quarles has been collecting Piedmont Airlines memorabilia since he was a child and is always on the lookout for a rare find.