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Made in NC Awards: ShoeBeeDo

A longtime leatherworker in Concord crafted her passion into the perfect handbag, which won the top prize in the Style category of the 2018 Made in NC Awards.

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The Everything Root

A cure-all to many, wild ginseng is still hunted and sold in Blue Ridge counties. Protecting it takes vigilance, know-how, and, sometimes, even a stakeout.


Ambition Blooms

In flower and gardening categories, State Fair competitors with green thumbs (or not) pin their hopes on plants that often have a mind of their own.

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Meet the Maker: Belle le Verre

Catawba County artist Marietta Burke lets her passion and talent shine through her stunning stained-glass creations.

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Our State Gift Guide 2018

Make gift-giving a breeze this season with the help of our Holiday Gift Guide, featuring a variety of North Carolina products and experiences curated for everyone on your list.

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Made in NC: Recycling is for the birds!

A bird lover’s passion for preserving local history comes alive through his unique birdhouse creations, which won the top prize in the 2018 Made in NC Awards.

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Meet the Maker: Artisan Leaf

This small business in Wilson is helping turn over a new leaf for tobacco by pioneering an innovative purpose for the plant.

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Meet the Maker: Lockman Pottery

In the Gaston County town of Dallas, potter Barry Lockman uses local materials to create artwork influenced by the natural world around him.