Two Cultures Come Together on Ocracoke Island

On Ocracoke Island, where old-timers claim kin from Blackbeard’s day, a new community is taking shape. The two cultures may not speak the same native language, but they understand that the best way to weather change is together.


Memberships Are for Life at The Cary Newcomers Club

In Cary, a special club caters to people who are new in town and looking for friends — but it never kicks them out. No matter how long they’ve lived here.


Family Tradition: Ready, Set, Sled!

When the snow hits, winter thrill-seekers of all ages take part in a time-honored snow-day tradition. They head for the hills, sleds in tow.


Generations of Love in a Cast-Iron Skillet

Many family heirlooms are too fragile to use often, if ever. A well-seasoned skillet is different. Everyday use enriches its flavor, and its story.


8 Stages of Becoming a North Carolinian

You can live in North Carolina for a long time, but still find yourself feeling like a newcomer as different stages of your life unfold.