The Tastemaker of Durham

One of the South’s top chefs, Matt Kelly, has helped transform downtown dining into a tour of the world. But with Saint James Seafood, his inspiration is closer to home: our coast.


Elsewhere on 10th in North Wilkesboro

A Wilkes County native returned to her hometown with a vision that was new for the area. Now, her restaurant harvests inspiration from local farms and gardens.


Photo Essay: Summer by the Scoop

Some places stay with you forever — especially the ones that offer a cool escape on a sunny day, and happiness in a cup or cone. Ice cream parlors, dairy bars, and creameries across the state serve up more than sundaes and banana splits — they’re places of pure joy.


Modern Fish Camp

With his family’s new restaurant, Hello, Sailor, Chef Joe Kindred hopes to reclaim a cherished childhood on Lake Norman — one salt-and-pepper catfish and fried bologna sandwich at a time.


The World, In Whiteville

The Chef and the Frog has its roots in Asia and Europe, its growth in good luck, and a home in eastern North Carolina.


Beyond the Valley

In Sapphire, a majestic box canyon — the largest one east of the Mississippi — provides a feast for the eyes, and the first taste of Canyon Kitchen’s seasonal, sensory experience.


Abrams BBQ & Seafood

At a handful of Abrams BBQ & Seafood restaurants across eastern North Carolina, the founding family invites you to load up your plate at the buffet and join them for a meal.