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How LabCorp Got Its Start in North Carolina

When Dr. Jim Powell was a medical student at Duke University, in the early 1960s, he was frustrated by the slow speed of laboratory tests. At the time, certain tests had to be sent across the country to Van Nuys, California, to be processed, and by the time the results arrived in Durham, up to two weeks later, they were usually outdated. In many cases, the patient’s treatment had already begun or it was completed and the patient had been discharged.

Dr. Jim Powell.

Powell and his brothers decided to do something. In 1969, they founded Biomedical Laboratories in the basement of the former Alamance General Hospital in Burlington, their hometown. At first, the company was a

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Deviled Egg Recipes

We asked recipe tester and food stylist Wendy Perry to give a classic deviled egg a North Carolina twist. These six recipes inspired by our culture are fun to make and good to eat.

The Deviled Egg Dish

The deviled egg is revered. It’s both the symbol and the centerpiece for every covered-dish dinner or picnic you’ve ever attended. And it’s always carried in on its own special dish — and often by a special woman.

The Egg Church

Folks in Kernersville know First Presbyterian Church’s Easter eggs are tasty, but the sweet story of how a batch of cream-filled chocolates unified a church, and a community, is just as irresistible.

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