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Guardians of the Geese

Geese will fly a long way for a good meal. For decades, thousands of them showed up just south of Ansonville every winter, where Lockhart Gaddy had planted wheat and corn for them. This was a change for Gaddy, who had previously hunted geese. During the first year, 1934, nine geese spent the winter on his one-acre pond. By 1952, Gaddy had made the pond 10 times larger. By then, word was out in the bird community, and 10,000 James Bay Canada geese showed up on his farm.

Gaddy died of a heart attack in 1953 while feeding the animals. (The story goes that the honking birds went silent when he collapsed.) His wife, Hazel, tried to keep things going by spreading corn and bread at the edge of the pond. She charged visitors a quarter to come and feed the animals, and at its peak, Gaddy’s Goose Pond drew people from 47 states and 11 countries. The refuge put Ansonville on the map. It got th

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Deviled Egg Recipes

We asked recipe tester and food stylist Wendy Perry to give a classic deviled egg a North Carolina twist. These six recipes inspired by our culture are fun to make and good to eat.

The Deviled Egg Dish

The deviled egg is revered. It’s both the symbol and the centerpiece for every covered-dish dinner or picnic you’ve ever attended. And it’s always carried in on its own special dish — and often by a special woman.

The Egg Church

Folks in Kernersville know First Presbyterian Church’s Easter eggs are tasty, but the sweet story of how a batch of cream-filled chocolates unified a church, and a community, is just as irresistible.

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