Heirloom Tomatoes 

Plant these in your garden and your tomato crop will prosper. Each heirloom variety is genetically unique, so they’re more resistant to disease. You’ll enjoy sandwiches all summer.

Fresh-Baked Sandwich Bread 

It all starts with a good tomato, but consider the bread. Dare we suggest something other than white bread? We used whole grain here. But what makes a sandwich great is your right to do whatever you want.

Alfalfa Sprouts

Tomatoes pack a lot of vitamin C, but for an even more nutritious sandwich, add vitamin-rich alfalfa sprouts, like the kind grown at Sunny Creek Farm in Tryon.

Jams and Spreads 

Two recommendations: Carolina Table Salt’s bacon jam (below, left) and Open Season Foods’ Summer Sandwich Spread. You’ll never use mayo again.

Chive Blossoms 

Chive blossoms will make your tomato sandwich about as beautiful as it can be. You can say the same for your garden, where they’ll thrive all summer.

Sandhills Peaches  

You can’t go wrong with a peach. Don’t believe us? Slice one and layer it in a tomato sandwich, then we’ll talk. In the Sandhills, peaches are ready now. Take a trip.

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Wendy Perry is a recipe developer, personal chef, and Franklin County native.