photograph by Travis Dove

The Return of a Beloved Restaurant

Nine months ago, a gas explosion rocked downtown Durham and caused significant damage to Saint James Seafood. Last Thursday, the restaurant reopened. Go give ’em a warm welcome back — and don’t forget to order the baked oysters.

A Rock ’n’ Roller Who Likes NC ’Cue

Turns out that Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters is no pretender when it comes to barbecue. “I grew up in Virginia, so my favorite is North Carolina barbecue … You put that on a white bun with coleslaw, and that’s my favorite,” he recently said. Think he’s ever been to B’s?

Monkey Business

The TV channel National Geographic Wild just announced that our state zoo in Asheboro is going to be featured in a new eight-part docuseries called “World’s Biggest Zoo,” which will premiere this fall. We’re ready for our close-up.

The Carolina Chocolate Festival

All you really need to know about this weekend fest in Morehead City is that there will be wall-to-wall cakes, ice creams, truffles, and tortes. Bonus: a pudding-eating contest … every hour on the hour. For more information, visit

Shivering in the Sunshine

Here in the Piedmont, we’ve almost made it through January without even a hint of a flurry. If it’s going to be cold, can we at least get a little sleet?! (Yes, analyzing the weather is a common theme here …)

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