Cartoon of a shipwreck on the ocean floor

Washed Ashore

Shark teeth, ancient ship wrecks, deadly jellyfish, and … spaceship debris? Keep an eye out when roaming our beaches — you never know what surprises are lying at the water’s edge.

Can of Piedmont Punch, served on Piedmont Airlines planes

Remembering Piedmont Punch

Throughout its history, Winston-Salem’s Piedmont Airlines stayed one step ahead of the competition by coming up with innovative ways to satisfy its customers, like a one-of-a-kind beverage that former passengers and employees still thirst for.

A thick forest surrounds Lost Cove's remaining structures.

Entering Western North Carolina’s Lost Cove

Long before the last family departed, settlers in a remote corner of Yancey County gave their mountain town the name Lost Cove. Years later, the choice seems prophetic. The once-thriving community has returned to nature, tucked out of sight, lost to all except historians and hikers.