The Best Seat in the Stadium

When you’ve grown up listening to the Atlanta Braves on the radio, the opportunity to watch a baseball game — any baseball game — from the broadcast booth is like a dream come true.


That Old-Time Sound: July 2016 Book Picks

Our mountains and Foothills have inspired generations of Carolina-born and -bred folk musicians — who have, themselves, inspired generations of writers. Four books tell the stories behind the musical storytellers.


Studio Tour with Wood Sculptor Bob Trotman

Far from the corridors and offices of the figures he portrays, a sculptor comments on the dangers of the dollar.

Home & Garden

Handmade Heritage Flags are Unique and Well-Aged

In Southern Pines, one man made a gift so unique that others begged for their own. Each patriotic rendering is one of a kind.


Photo Essay: Home Field Advantage

Pop flies and popcorn. Mascots and strikeouts. On summer nights, North Carolina’s nine minor league teams field, swing, pitch, and catch in special places. And the crowd goes wild.