The Final Voyage of the Agnes E. Fry

In 1864, a blockade runner ran aground on the coast of North Carolina. For decades, it sat within sight of shore, rusting, until finally disappearing beneath the waves. Now, it’s reappeared — and may prove to be the most significant shipwreck found in our waters in years.


Family Tradition: An Afternoon Well Spent at Rudd Farm

Every kid should spend a day on the farm, learning about how his food is grown. A generous helping of sweet corn, eaten right in a Guilford County field, is just a bonus.


The Story of Texas Pete

The hot sauce’s name might be an homage to The Lone Star State, but Texas Pete has always been a Winston-Salem staple.


How Jennette’s Pier Became the People’s Pier

Jennette’s Pier has been built up and knocked down numerous times throughout the years, yet it steadfastly still stands today as a social hub for all on the Outer Banks.


Meet the Diamond Guys of Schiffman’s Jewelers

Want a ring? A watch? A necklace? The Schiffman brothers will sell them to you. Want a chuckle? Try listening to the stories from a fourth-generation jewelry store that’s still doing some serious business.