Back in the Day: The Cool Pool

In July 1933, just months after the Tarboro pool opened, the town council hired an industrial refrigeration company to design and install a cooling unit for their new pool.


The New Descendants

The spirit of Virginia Dare, the first English child born in America, is alive and well on Roanoke Island. Every year, parents bring their babies to audition for the most important (nonspeaking) role in The Lost Colony — and for bragging rights that last a lifetime.


A Look Back

It’s not easy to select “favorite” stories from the nine years that I’ve been editor in chief, having overseen, to date, 112 issues. But here are 10 stories that stand out in my memory as timeless.


If This Wave Could Talk

It might boast: Outer Banks breakers are the envy of the East Coast. Or it could share a tale: The world’s best surfer first got his feet wet in the shadow of Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. Ask nicely, and it might divulge a secret or two: About legends and landmarks — even where to find a clam cookout or a fine fish supper. After all, our waves have plenty of those, too.


NC Primer: Arrgh State

North Carolina remembers its most fearsome pirate — and one who tried his best, bless his heart.


Gidget Grown Up: Jo Pickett

Legendary East Coast surfer Jo Pickett travels the world, chasing waves. But she makes her home in Wilmington, where Carolina’s blue swells remind her of family and the importance of living fearlessly.