A Plated Past

From decades of North Carolina fishermen, pitmasters, bakers, and creative home cooks, our state’s storied recipes are memorable markers of a rich history.

An Our State Playlist: The Roots of Jazz in North Carolina

Listen to our curated Spotify playlist featuring a selection of tunes by homegrown jazz legends and the modern musicians they inspired.

Just Add Water

How often can you stay in one area and watch the sun both rise and set over water? For visitors to the Currituck Outer Banks, the answer is “daily.” Water is an integral part of life here — from exploring on it to playing in it to simply enjoying being near it.

NC Icons: Pottery

In a state naturally rich in red clay, potters like the legendary Sid Luck carry on a long-held North Carolina tradition.

Heart & Soles

The unsung heroes of our wardrobes and our history, socks — and the hosiery mills that make them — represent a way of life that once knit together generations of North Carolinians.