Eleanor Spicer Rice

Eleanor Spicer Rice earned her Ph.D. in entomology at North Carolina State University. She is the author of Dr. Eleanor’s Book of Common Ants of New York City.


Kure Beach Pier is a Family Affair

The 19 piers along the North Carolina coast are beloved meeting places. The one at Kure Beach has been attracting friends, families, and fishermen longer than any of them.


Family Roots Run Deep at Vanguard Furniture in Hickory

The new guard at Vanguard Furniture looks a lot like the old guard: In Hickory, a second generation of craftspeople fashion every piece by hand, just the way they were taught.

Arts & Culture

Exploring North Carolina’s Honey Varieties

Not all honeys are created equal. In North Carolina, some bees stick to a single kind of flower, shrub, or tree, with surprising (and delicious) results.


City Portrait: Goldsboro

Wherever you go in this Wayne County city, you’ll find yourself crossing railroad tracks.


Oysters are the Beauty Within Stump Sound

The tastiest oysters come from the unlikeliest of places: The silt and mud of Stump Sound.

Home & Garden

To Bee Rather Than to Seem

Is North Carolina’s state insect, the honey bee, worthy of the royal treatment it receives?


The Secret Lives & Ancient Instincts of Sea Turtles

Sea turtles seek — and then flee — our shores, inspiring boundless love and fervent hopes for these clumsily beautiful creatures of the deep.


Keepers of the Light: North Carolina’s Linemen

It’s easy to take for granted the gifts of electric heat and light, but it wasn’t so long ago that much of our state lay in darkness. Our thanks to the linemen who faced — and continue to face — sleepless nights, dizzying heights, and the constant peril of electrocution to give us power through the simple act of flipping a switch.