Steeplechase in Style

At the annual Queen’s Cup Steeplechase outside Charlotte, spectators gather for the thunder of hooves — and for the pageantry and promenade of the well-heeled, too.


Songs To Live By

In Brevard, a gathering devoted to singer-songwriters and their fans keeps a mother’s wisdom and wishes alive.


A Fish Worth Fighting For

In the creeks and rivers of the Coastal Plain, shad are harbingers of spring. For the folks in one tiny town, their annual Shad Festival also heralds a renewed spirit of resilience.


The Hosts With The Most

Imagine 2,000 strangers wandering through your living room and scrutinizing your flower beds. Every year, just as the North Carolina Azalea Festival bursts into bloom, Wilmington’s bravest homeowners welcome the intrusion with a smile.


Bloom Where You’re Planted

Behind every locally grown blossom is the hard work and careful planning of a flower farmer with a deep connection to their land. This month, we walk among rows of dazzling flowers, breathing in the sweet scent of spring in North Carolina.


Mighty Merlefest

What began as a one-off fund-raiser for a college garden has grown into North Carolina’s biggest, most beloved music festival. Each year, plenty of famous folk, plain folk, and a bit of folklore converge to bring Doc Watson’s dream to life.


Centro in Raleigh

A transformative visit to Mexico inspired one chef to bring a taste of Oaxaca to North Carolina.


Makers with a Mission

At R.Riveter in Southern Pines, each handbag represents a commitment to changing the lives of military families.