Pearls of the Coastal Plain:
14 Towns Before the Shore

These towns are buoyed by their proximity to water — river, sound, bay — yet they’re far enough from the ocean that you won’t find sand in your shoes. Here, 14 quirky places claim their fame in boats and bears, local characters and history.


Bird Island’s Mailbox Holds Letters to the Sea

Like a message in a bottle, the notes inside the seaside mailbox at Bird Island contain the stories and secrets of those who seek a spiritual connection.


The Characters of Roanoke Island

The backdrop is beautiful, but it’s the people of Manteo and Wanchese who bring this place its charm.


Manteo and Wanchese are Two Places at Once

Even though Manteo and Wanchese share a sliver of land surrounded by North Carolina’s sizable sounds, they couldn’t be further apart.


Like a Local: Lexington

Lexington has become a household name for its distinctive barbecue style, and now this Piedmont city is establishing itself as a place brimming with opportunity.


Oysters are the Beauty Within Stump Sound

The tastiest oysters come from the unlikeliest of places: The silt and mud of Stump Sound.