17 Last-Minute Solar Eclipse-Viewing Events

The Great American Eclipse is upon us, and you still haven’t made any plans? Don’t fret — if you excel at procrastination or forgetfulness, but still want to play hooky and enjoy the historic event on August 21, we’ve got you covered.


Like a Local: Elizabeth City

Elizabeth City is at the crossroads of history and revitalization. The result: a town where water, hospitality, and hometown pride are deeply revered, while new restaurants, the arts, and tourism are welcomed.


Like a Local: Henderson

Henderson has had to rebuild itself more than once, and is all about the old and the new. As you plan your visit, include these spots for the best of both.


Country Comfort at Big Mill Bed & Breakfast

Born and raised on this quiet farm in Martin County, innkeeper Chloe Tuttle makes her childhood house feel like home for her guests, too.


At Sherwood Forest Golf Club, Let a Llama be Your Caddy

At a small, rustic golf course near Brevard, the animals get your attention (and carry your bags), but the memories keep golfers, and their kids, coming back for more.