Decades Series

The 1960s: A Dynamic Decade

Momentum has been building, and by the early 1960s, the payoff is clear: Now in the national spotlight, North Carolina enters an era of action and activism.

Decades Series

The 1950s: The Squire of Haw River

How a dairy farmer from Alamance County ascended the political ladder to become governor, then senator — never forgetting his rural roots along the way.


Space Seeds: Moon Trees in Western North Carolina

Back in 1971, astronaut and former U.S. Forest Service smoke jumper Stuart Roosa carried more than 400 seeds into space with him on Apollo 14. Two of those seeds found a new home in North Carolina.

Decades Series

The 1950s: The Art of the Impossible

North Carolina’s investment in a public art collection opens minds, enriches the lives of citizens, and creates a home for the state’s cultural aspirations.


Signs of Change

For 125 years, the North Carolina School for the Deaf has drawn generations of students from all over the state, evolving with the times. Now, as NCSD prepares to enter a new phase, it’s clear what the historic campus has always been for its community: a second home.


Where Cabbage Is King

A staple crop of Watauga County for generations, the glorious green cabbage remains a savory symbol of old mountain ways and comforting suppers. Plus, it might just cure what ails you.