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Two glasses of eggnog and a Firestone Christmas record.

Toast to Tradition

A pair of special eggnog glasses reminds a writer of the simple rituals shared between father and daughter during the holiday seasons of her youth in Winston-Salem.

The Secret Ingredient

A canning party at this writer’s home is about more than making jams and relish. It’s a time of bustling about the kitchen, bonding over boiling water, and solving the world’s problems to the ping of lids popping into place. It’s about deep friendship.

The Crab Shack is Here to Stay

More than 45 years ago, a fishing family started a seafood market to sell their catch. The market expanded into a mainstay restaurant in Salter Path whose varied menu includes a seasonal special that celebrates coastal resilience.

A New Spin on the Veggie Plate

You know the vegetable plates we get at our favorite meat-and-three diners? A growing number of vegetarian and vegan restaurants across the state are taking that old idea to new levels, offering creative vegetable combinations and alternatives to meat that put a contemporary twist on Southern classics.

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