Todd Dulaney

Todd Dulaney is the managing editor at Our State.


Growing Up Pepsi

A tall glass of cold cola stokes memories of a carbonated childhood.


Years After World War II, Divers Explore Wreck Site of U-352

When the German submarine U-352 was sunk during World War II, no one knew if its remains would ever be seen again. Today, divers visit the sub on almost daily excursions. But you don’t have to venture out to sea to get a glimpse of our state’s maritime history.


Peace Poles Unite Many in Rowan County

The symbol erected in parks throughout Rowan County is simple, its message clear and easy to understand no matter the language: May Peace Prevail On Earth.


Summer’s Soundtrack

There’s no better backdrop for beach music than the ocean, or a better stage than the pier at the Ocean Grill & Tiki Bar in Carolina Beach.


As Sure As the Sun Sets

Come winter, folks in Atlantic Beach head to the water’s edge at dusk for a show that plays out in few other places on the East Coast — a sight you have to see to believe.

October 2013

Foraging a Forest Bounty

North Carolina’s mountains and foothills support some of the greatest biodiversity in North America — everything from wild shoots and berries to farm-raised crops and cattle. Some grow hidden. Others thrive in plain sight. Many do both.