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Mural of Halifax Resolves in downtown Halifax

Halifax Resolves

In the April 1776, months before founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia, a group of visionaries gathered on a hill outside of Halifax as the first to formally urge the colonies to declare their independence from British rule.

Basket of hush puppies

Hush Puppies

Rooted in coastal fish frys, according to North Carolina lore, the humble hush puppy has swept the state from east to west, and these golden-brown rounds can be found across all levels of dining establishments.

Illustration of Daniel Boone, the North Carolina Frontiersman

Forging a Frontiersman

In the hills of North Carolina, a young Daniel Boone strengthened his fishing and hunting skills. Each spring, a Davie County town pays tribute to his family’s influence.

Dogwood blossom


Throughout April, North Carolinians celebrate the delicate blossoms that leaf out on dogwood trees with festivals and fanfare across the state.

Illustration of Shad Fish and a number 1 trophy

Best in Shad

When a beloved catch returns to North Carolina’s fresh waters to spawn, residents of a Pitt County town set their sights — and lines — on an annual spring celebration.

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