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language of flowers

The Language of Flowers

Orchids were everywhere at The Fresh Market the other day, so that’s what I got for my side table. And after our bitter winter, the tulips looked fresh and bright, so I got a bunch of those, too, and made
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In Search Of Safe Places

My evening walk takes me past Fire Station #43 on Lake Jeanette Road in Greensboro. An American flag and a black-and-red Fire Department flag fly from a pole in front of the brick building. You know what’s inside this building,
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sandwich feature

From The Booth

In the winter, moisture condenses on the front windows, because it’s cold out there and it’s warm in here, in this place where steam rises from the grill and rye bread and onion rolls sizzle in butter and cheeses melt
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beauty eye feature

Beauty Is In the Eye…

When I was in the Fourth grade, a nurse came into our classroom at Farmer School and taped an eye chart with lots of letter E’s to the chalkboard. One at a time, each student got up from his desk,
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A Wish for Christmas

A whole dozen, can you even imagine? Eight girls and four boys and they all lived with their mama and daddy in a farmhouse with no electricity, no running water, in Guilford County. Clifton. Ralph. Clyde. Grant (who, oddly, they
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Songs in the Key of Life

It was a stereo, not a radio, even though the box said it came from Radio Shack. And it was a birthday present, maybe even the best one I ever got, the one that crossed me over from the era
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full service feat

Full Service

My mother turns in to Steve’s BP at Friendly Center in Greensboro, but instead of pulling in at the self-service pumps, where I normally go, she eases in beside the full-service station and waits. Tommy, one of the service technicians,
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when life was tender

When Life Was So Tender

It was still summer until Labor Day, and then, magically, it was fall, even though the gauge on the weather thermometer said no way. We wore our new fall clothes to school anyway. As soon as we got permission to
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banana sandwich

It Was a Good Lunch

In the 1940s, when the bell rang for lunch, the boys and girls at Coleridge School reached beneath their desks and pulled out their lunch bags, brown paper sacks that held whatever their mom put in there that morning. Some
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coastal strolls feature image

A Midsummer Classic

Here is July 1: the 182nd day of the year, the halfway point, the midsection of 2014, with 183 days left.

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