Editor’s Column

Leaving A Mark

A message to all of us that someone was here. That someone existed. That someone was loved.

One Day In May

“What have I been doing all these years?” If you don’t mind, may I remind you?

The Language of Flowers

Until recently, flowers never spoke to me; certainly not the way they spoke to my grandmother.

In Search Of Safe Places

There's something we all want — a living connection of compassion.

From The Booth

Reflecting on life in a place where it's somehow 30 years ago as much as it’s today.

Beauty Is In the Eye…

My mother sees with her heart. And I don’t know of a more beautiful sight than that.

A Wish for Christmas

What we all wish for — for ourselves and everyone we love, and not just at Christmastime but always...

Songs in the Key of Life

Music gave us identity. What we listened to told us who we were. And we needed that.

Full Service

We didn’t call it customer service. Instead, it was, simply, kindness.