Reader Testimonials

Reader comments:

“I just received my copy today. I am getting ready to fix a pot of decaf and sit and enjoy cover to cover.”
– Donna Brannock via Facebook
Our State is one of the few magazines that I get, it is one of the few that is worth the money. Wonderful coverage throughout the state.”
– John Sturdivant, Jonesville
“It’s so nice to have a bit of “home” arrive every month. North Carolina is truly our paradise.”
– Amy Carney, Hawaii
“Thank you for such a wonderful magazine that has always done a great job of showcasing why it’s great to live in North Carolina.”
– Cindy Kawiecki, Jamestown
“What a pleasant experience to read my first issue of Our State magazine! It captures the flavor of North Carolina from the beaches to the mountains.”
– William R. White, Brevard
“I always treasure my ‘read time’ with Our State magazine. North Carolina has so much diversity, history and wonderful nooks and crannies to visit. North Carolina is a treasure and your magazine does a beautiful job representing its people and places of interest.”
– Bess Brown Blackburn, via Facebook