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This Week at the Market

Ready to fill your basket with farm-fresh goodies? Check in weekly to find out which just-picked produce is available at farmers markets from mountains to coast.



Video: NC 101: The Carolina Shad Boat

This graceful, traditional fishing vessel — our state historic boat — was was ideal for maneuvering in shallow water, but its history runs deep.


The Our State Great Debate: Fudge vs. Saltwater Taffy

When you’re on vacation at the Carolina coast, which beach town treat do you prefer: fresh, creamy fudge or sticky-sweet squares of saltwater taffy?

More to Explore: A Guide to Downtown Morehead City

A local historian has made it his life’s work to learn as much as he can about his hometown — a hub for sport and commercial fishing.

Our State Knows Best: Beachcombing

Find out what three experts have to say about scouring North Carolina’s beaches for treasures from the sea, and where — and when — to find amazing shells on our shores.

An Our State Playlist: Carolina Beach Music

Whether you’re shagging, sailing, fishing, or simply relaxing in the shade of an umbrella, let our curated Spotify playlist be the soundtrack of your vacation.

23 Breathtaking Views on the Carolina Coast

At the top of the loftiest lighthouse, on sugar-sand beaches, beneath ancient live oaks twisting their knobby arms toward the sun, and from coastal cottages perched in the dunes, the North Carolina coast offers endless beauty on the edge of the earth.





Video: NC 101: The Crystal Coast Shrimpburger

Fried shrimp, tartar sauce, slaw, and ketchup on a steamed bun — the shrimpburger is an icon of the Crystal Coast.


The Our State Great Debate: Smashburger vs. Thick burger

A perfectly crispy, flat-top-style smashburger, or a juicy, grilled thick burger piled high with toppings?

More to Explore: A Guide to Downtown Bryson City

In this small town, it’s easy to love where you live. Outdoor adventures, tasty dishes, and colorful shops — all aboard to Swain County!

8 Landmark Spots Serving Up Classic Burgers

For 40 years or more, these restaurants have been fulfilling our burger cravings with smashburgers and thick burgers alike. Take a tasty trip through time with us, won’t you?

Our State Knows Best: Homebrewing

Find out what two experts have to say about the art of making beer, the ingredients needed for a perfect batch, and how to become a homebrewing master.

Video: A Raleigh Neon Studio Perfects the Art of Light

Making neon signs is part art, part science. Since 1986, Nate Shaeffer has been bending glass to bring its special light to life.

An Our State Playlist: Essential Travel Tunes for a North Carolina Road Trip

The next time you take a road trip, roll down your windows and turn up the volume on Our State’s curated Spotify playlist featuring 45 songs by North Carolina artists.

May Music Festivals

As the weather warms up, check out these music festivals across the state.





Video: Painting Our State Parks

In 2020, Greensboro artist Katie Podracky and her family decided to visit every state park in North Carolina. Then she added another challenge: a painting per park.


An Our State Playlist: That Ole Time Religion

This spring, we’ve curated a roof-raising, harmony-laden Spotify playlist featuring 20 great gospel songs by North Carolina artists.

Bonus Recipe: Breakfast Burritos with Spicy Avocado Salsa

We’ve rolled all of the classic breakfast ingredients, plus a spicy avocado salsa, into one packed burrito.

9 Spots for Delicious Bites After a State Park Adventure

After a day of hiking, walking, climbing, or kayaking, nothing is better than enjoying some tasty brews and bites.

More to Explore: A Guide to Downtown Goldsboro

Inspired by her family’s deep Wayne County roots, a business owner showcases her hometown’s multicultural cuisine, rich history, and vibrant arts scene.

7 Pick-Your-Own Flower Farms in North Carolina

Whether you want a simple bouquet for the kitchen table or stunning flowers for a special occasion, fill your bucket with fresh blooms at pick-your-own farms across the state.

Our State Knows Best: Hiking

Find out what three hiking experts have to say about hitting the trail, the gear they’d never leave behind, and North Carolina’s must-do mountain treks with stunning views.

A Timeline of North Carolina’s State Parks

Find out how the purchase of a single plot of land on Mount Mitchell in 1915 turned into a thriving state park system that provides North Carolinians with the opportunity to explore the outdoors in all its natural beauty.





Our State Knows Best: Vegetable Gardening

Ready to hone your green thumb? Find out what three experts have to say about growing your own veggies in North Carolina, the common gardening mistakes you should avoid, and the best places to plant.


An Our State Playlist: Voices of North Carolina Women

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’ve curated a Spotify playlist featuring tunes by iconic North Carolina-born female musicians.

Bonus Recipe: Grits & Greens

For a double dose of Southern flavor, add cooked greens to a bowl of local stone-ground grits.

21 Portable Recipes for Your Picnic Basket

Prepare these dishes at home, pack ’em up, then spread out a blanket for a perfect picnic.


More to Explore: A Guide to Downtown Durham

Residents of this resilient city have embraced the nickname “Dirty Durham” as a symbol of the grit and determination of its shop owners, restaurateurs, and community advocates.






Our State Knows Best: Cocktail Mixology

Find out what three experts have to say about stocking a home bar, the cocktails every beginner should master, and the locally made spirits they always keep on hand.


An Our State Playlist: Black History in North Carolina

To celebrate Black History Month, take a journey into the history of African American music in North Carolina with our curated Spotify playlist.

A Q&A with Our State’s Resident Playlist Maker: Mark Kemp

Each month, our senior editor, a former music editor of Rolling Stone, curates one-of-a-kind Spotify playlists featuring North Carolina songs and musicians. We sat down with him to find out more about his love of music.

More to Explore: A Guide to Downtown Laurinburg

“The Fighting Scots” is more than a high school team name: It’s a rallying cry for longtime residents — including one community director — who are building up their downtown for generations to come.

11 Decadent Chocolate Desserts

Surprise your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day with a heartfelt, homemade dessert.

Video: Made in NC: Filled With Love

At a homey specialty pasta shop in Durham, the South meets Southern Italy in a pimento cheese ravioli that would make any grandma proud.

Video: Made in NC: Fancy & Functional

Her porcelain pieces may look like works of art, but Julie Wiggins’s teapots are ready for any occasion.

Video: Made in NC: Bravo, Wilkes County!

The winemaking traditions of a family-owned vineyard in northwestern North Carolina stretch back to New York City in the early 20th century and, before that, to the fertile hills of Italy.

Video: Made in NC: Where There’s Smoke

Early on, a woodworker in Rowan County learned to infuse his projects with a blend of art, science, and ingenuity. Then, a chance request sparked the idea to add smoke and spirits to the mix.

Video: Made in NC: From Scraps to Fashion

A Lee County couple has turned a love of bags and a talent for upcycling old military gear into a career.





Our State Knows Best: Skiing

Find out what three experts have to say about falling in love with the slopes, taking lessons, essential gear, and what makes North Carolina ski resorts so special.


An Our State Playlist: The North Carolina Music Primer

Our curated Spotify playlist features a selection of 10 songs about North Carolina that every North Carolinian should know.

Video: The Snowmakers of Sugar Mountain Ski Resort

These four colorful meals let mushrooms, cheese, and vegetables take center stage — no meat necessary.

More to Explore: A Guide to Downtown Hickory

The heart of this city flourishes as a hub of art, food, and entertainment with the help of an impassioned community advocate.

Bonus Recipe: Sweet Potato & Red Bean Tacos

Pair our state vegetable — the sweet potato! — with red beans and avocado for flavorful tacos.

Video: Snow Cream Dreams

In a quest for the perfect bowl of snow cream, the sweetest spoonfuls are always found in the past, mixed together with memories of snow day fun.